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China Partner Visits Shanghai, Hubei

In May, Rev. Erik Burklin, president of China Partner, along with Rev. Hao Wang, visited Shanghai and Hubei to seek future cooperation and to discuss with local seminary staff.

Photos of Easter Celebrations Across China

Here are some photos of registered churches in China conducting Easter services to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus on March 31.

Photos of Foot-Washing and Communion Services in China's Churches

Foot-washing ceremonies and communion services were held at churches across China to observe Maundy on Thursday, March 28, 2024.

Hungarian Pastor Compiles Christ and Calvin in China Book

A Hungarian pastor and public writer has compiled an ebook named Christ and Calvin in China to present the development of Sino-Christianity and Sino-Calvinism.

Capuchin Missions in the Medieval Nepal

In the 18th century, Capuchin missionaries arrived in Nepal and served for 54 years in the Kathmandu valley. They were the earlier Christian missionaries after Jesuit missionaries in the history of Nepal. They were the first missionaries to establish churches in Nepal. However, after Prithivi Narayan Shah conquered the kingdoms of the valley in 1769 AD, missionaries were forced to leave the country due to concerns about foreign imperialism and the changing political situation. Scholars argue that King Prithivi Narayan Shah was anti-Christian, suspected of foreign imperialism and banished missionaries due to their friendly relationship with Malla kings. The expulsion of missionaries was influenced by the changing political scenario. This study confined on the historical study of capuchin missionaries in the Kathmandu valley, focusing on qualitative research design. It doesn't deal with other aspects of research.

Official Interpretation of New 5-Year Plan of Advancing the Sinicization of Christianity Released by CCC&TSPM

An article from CCC&TSPM on May 1 interpreted the "Outline of the Five-Year Work Plan for Further Advancing the Sinicization of Christianity (2023-2027)."

Legendary Testimony of Elderly Sister

Although working in a Christian hospital, Mei came to Christ more than 20 years later and encountered miracles in her family.

First RAM Chinese Doctor Holds Organ Solo Again in Fuzhou Centennial Church

After a year, the first Chinese organist from the Royal Academy of Music (RAM) in the United Kingdom returned to Fuzhou to once again deliver a spectacular organ music performance for the local audience.

Lecture: Missionaries and Trade Bridged East-Western Art & Culture in the 16th-18th Centuries

Dr. Dong Shaoxin, outlined the exchange of artistic culture between China and Europe from the 16th to 18th centuries in a lecture, focusing on two key mediums: missionaries and trade.

Church Should Pay More Attention to Exceptional Children

During my past two-year psychological counseling work, I can clearly feel that more and more exceptional teenagers come to consult me, but they receive much less help than they should.

Where Does the Cult in Blockbuster 'The Pig, the Snake, and the Pigeon' Come From?

In the recent blockbuster "The Pig, the Snake, and the Pigeon," cults have been an important part of the plot. What kind of cult is that in the movie?

3 Tips for Preparing for Sunday Service

We need to rely on the power of the Holy Spirit rather than on our ability to understand sermons. It is necessary to prepare the heart to seek spiritual growth through every service.

Mental Health and the Christian Man

On International Men's Day, the stark reality of a mental health crisis is highlighted amid a global plea for attention to men's well-being.