Monday, June 17th, 2024

Observation: Reasons for Sexual Abuse in Christianity

This title may seem biased against Christianity because sexual abuse is prevalent not only among Christians but also other religious leaders. Christianity is no worse than other religions when it comes to this. I chose this title because the main issue in this article concerns sexual assault by Christians.

Christian Family Mentor: How Should Christian Women Get along with Mothers-in-law?

With a rich history in counseling Christian marriage and families, Mentor Cui, a mother of two, shared her experience in an interview with Christian Times, a Shanghai-based Chinese Christian news website. The greatest conflict with her mother-in-law lies in parenting. When her daughter collides with her mother-in-law, she uses a wise method to deal with it.

Christians Should Treat Disease with Prayer and Medicine

Christians who are in sickness, just pray ,trust God's conservation with hope, and also cooperate with doctors' treatment. The important thing is to live a holy life according to the teachings of the Bible. In daily life, you should pursue holiness in spirit, cherish the body, keep clean and sanitary, maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, develop good habits to avoid some diseases.
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