Friday, February 23rd, 2024

Northeast County Church Warms Needy Below Zero Degree

From January 22 to 23, church staff of the Gaizhou Eternal Life Church, a centennial church in northeast China's Liaoning Province, visited 39 disadvantaged households and retired church staff at minus 20 degrees Celsius.

Interview With China Partner President: God Has Used Christian Leadership to Grow His Church in China

As a descendant of German missionaries to China, Erik Bürklin, president of China Partner, has been serving the church in China with training trips and material distribution in the past decades. With a heart for China, Erik talks about the main work and projects of the organization, the changes in the church in China, challenges facing Chinese pastors and churches, and global engagement in China.

Visit to Save the 'Lost'

For believers who stop attending church, visitation is an essential ministry in the church, and it can at times save both physical and spiritual lives.

How Did They Get Out of Heresies?

Usually Christians who are trapped in heretical groups become so entrenched that it becomes almost impossible for them to get out, but some of them eventually decide to leave the groups. So what are their stories?