Monday, June 17th, 2024

Reflections on Chaos in Gulangyu Island Tourism

Whenever holidays arrive, Gulangyu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, invariably trends on social media. However, during this year's Dragon Boat Festival, the "Sea Garden" which features ten Christian cultural heritage sites, has once again become a focal point, but this time with a bittersweet feeling.

Churches Should Reach Unbelievers With Respect

From the urgency of spreading the gospel, we can see the church’s anxiety about reaching unbelievers. The more the people reject, the stronger the anxiety of traditional churches becomes, which prompts them to more urgently evangelize to non-Christians.

A Brother's Letter From Shanghai Under Pandemic

The brother is really grateful to fellow believers from various cities for their concern and prayer. His community has been in lockdown for a month, but there is no shortage of daily food, as he has been cooking by himself for over 20 years. Besides cooking, he tried his best to reach neighbors with love and deeds.