A Chistian Perspective of Chinese Celebrity Zheng Shuang's Surrogacy Scandal: It Violates God's Law

One couple hold a pair of shoes of a child.
One couple hold a pair of shoes of a child.
By Elsie HuFebruary 2nd, 2021

Since the afternoon of January 17, "Zheng Shuang's American Surrogacy" scandal has attracted widespread attention. As soon as the news came out, the whole network fryers, "surrogacy" has always been explicitly prohibited in China.

Chinese actress Zheng Shuang was accused by her former partner Zhang Hengn who claimed she abandoned their two children born to surrogate mothers based in the U.S. 

The scandal has touched not only the bottom line of ethics but also challenged the law. All the more, it has hurt the innocent baby and the surrogate woman, who was put in a vulnerable position. In the past month, the topic of surrogacy has been on the hot search many times. A month ago, director Chen Kaige arranged a small program about surrogacy in a variety show. It caused a hot discussion on the whole network and even was criticized and reminded by the official media: surrogacy is explicitly prohibited in China. Surrogacy refers to the behavior of women accepting the entrustment of others and giving birth to children by artificial means, commonly known as "giving birth by belly." Behind this seemingly bizarre way of trading is a real portrayal of surrogate women's bitter lives and their indifference to life.

As a result of the Zheng Shuang incident, surrogacy has once again come into the public  view. Many media have published one after another, revealing the grey industry chain of surrogacy in detail.

With this enthusiasm, many Christians also have a hot discussion on « whether surrogacy should be allowed or not. «

Brother Geng, who specializes in marriage counseling, believes that surrogacy is illegal in Chinese law. Although it is legal in some foreign countries, it does not conform to ethics. Whether it is out of respect for Chinese law or adherence to the principles of belief, Christians should oppose.

The scripture says, "Children are the inheritance of the Lord." Whether God wants to give them or not, we need to have a common heart. Brother Geng himself has experienced this kind of pain. He mentioned that in 2017, his wife became pregnant, but her pregnancy stopped. She got pregnant again in 2020, and unexpectedly, she experienced another pregnancy stop also. At that time, both he and his wife were in great pain, and it took them three or four months to gradually get out of the trough.

With this experience, Brother Geng said, "Now I feel more and more that husband and wife are the most important to each other and they should support each other for a lifetime. Relatively speaking, children are just a very important passer-by in your life. So, don't give birth just for the sake of giving birth . We are not biologists. We hope our DNA will be preserved forever. If God allows us to have children, of course, we are surely happy and looking forward to it. If God doesn't allow us , it doesn't matter if we can't get pregnant for our lives ."

Those who want to have children but find that they can't be pregnant at a certain age Brother Geng suggests that they can be adopted. Now some irresponsible people give birth to children and discard them. As Christians, we can inherit these orphans with God's love and love them with God's love. In this way, they can live human dignity and God's life. . If they become Christians with their foster parents in the future, parents also receive the grace that they receive in front of God.

Of course, some women are looking for surrogacy because they don't want to suffer from pregnancy marks affecting their aesthetic feeling and image. Brother Geng criticized this as serious idolatry.

In the official WeChat account, the article"The female star surrogacy is a hot topic - How to Treat This Heavy Problem? Christian messages  are saying: "Surrogacy is not the gospel of the infertile parents, but the cradle of some people's crimes, which is contrary to God’s creation."

The Christian suggested that infertile parents who want to have children should consider adoption. Four aspects of harm caused by surrogacy are listed:

1. It’s doing great harm to the surrogate woman. For example, in India, where a women's status is inferior, a husband asks his wife to surrogate for money. Some wives have to surrogate many times. To get pregnant in the early stage, they will suffer significantly in pregnancies. After ten months, they have to face the pain of being separated from their children.

2. If the surrogate child has congenital disabilities or if the "client" is dissatisfied with the gender of the fetus, it will force the surrogate to slide the fetus or the adopter abandons it directly.

3. To find a suitable surrogate, some illegal surrogate agencies will inevitably kidnap women by illicit means and force them to the surrogate, which will produce new victims.

4. Can a surrogate mother feel good about her child without having been pregnant for ten months? You may have a grudge/ I will have an evil heart. If it’s not good enough for children, isn't it also a kind of harm to these children?

The Christian finally said: "Every life is worthy of respect, and every life should come in the right way."

In the article entitled"Against Surrogacy! Firmly oppose! Zheng Shuang, you are coldblooded", the Christian author also criticizes the surrogacy behavior wantonly, believing that "we should respect the sovereignty of God, accept without children, be grateful and rejoice. Let go of the obsession that I must be born and accept that childbearing sovereignty does not care about people but God. The surrogacy industry tells you as long as the money can ask someone to help you have a baby. We can't do that. Go straight, don't break the law of God. "

- Translated by Charlie Li

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