Sunday, June 16th, 2024
Issues cover trending topics and social problems in China.

Feasibility of Online Dating for Christian Believers

Before we consider whether we should seek the right ones for marriage through the Internet, we must ask God's guidance through prayer and know the pros and cons of this method. Although we do not know whether God will let us meet the right ones through the Internet or in real life, it is indispensable for us to have good faith and rely on God while acting.

Christian Psychologist Shares Four Tips for Parenting

"Children inherit what they know best from their parents, which means if you want to pass on something to your child, you make it the most familiar to them." Dr. Wang Xuefu, a Christian psychologist, shared four tips for Christian parents to raise their children.

Reflection on Chinese Christians’ Three Responses to COVID-19: Is the Pandemic a Punishment from God?

There have been some weird suggestions, such as in America where COVID patients were told they would be healed by watching TV programmes in which pastors perform healings. Some South Korean pastors believed in God's protection of His believers so, therefore, encouraged congregations not to fear infection and therefore continued having on-site gatherings. Apart from that, there have been various responses to the outbreak by the Chinese Christian media. The responses can be categorized into three main types.
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