Part-Time Elder Shares Stories to Inspire Christians to Live Their Faith in the Workplace

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By Steve Sun December 15th, 2023

In China, some Christians have a misunderstanding that faith and life are separated. They believe in God seriously in the church but still behave like before in the same way in society. The following two stories are about how Christians overcome trials and become testimonies in the workplace.

Born in the 1970s, Elder Yang came to a new city and found a sales job, after marrying his wife from a different place. He told his boss that he would spend two days a week for God, and he achieved the No. 1 annual performance in the company in just one year. Moreover, the church he founded revived and expanded to more places many years later.

Yang never lost his temper in the company, often encouraging his men who encountered difficulties. In addition to setting an example for them, he also cared about the little things about them. Therefore, his subordinates not only respect his beliefs but also approach the churches. Even his atheistic boss often asks him questions about faith.

As Yang has worked hard for many years, he is well aware of the hidden rules. Therefore, he emphasized not to give false testimony, not to bribe, and not to make false statements when he pastors his congregation in the workplace. 

A wholesale male believer in Yang's church got his goods detained at customs because a number on the bill of lading was wrongly written. Many knowledgeable friends advised him that he could get the goods cleared by bribing, but he struggled very much. When Yang knew about it, he prayed with the male believers and staff workers of the church. Later, the Christian made up his mind that he would not do anything that God did not like, even if he could not get the goods and lose money. "Three months later, he could finally get the goods. He didn't give bribes. When he got the goods, the price had increased greatly in the market, so he made extra money. This is God's job," Yang witnessed.

Yang also advocated that Christians in the workplace should not make false accounts.

A Christian woman called W in his church runs a company, with all kinds of taxes paid on time. One year, the taxation bureau examined her company. To complete their performance earlier, a tax official said to W, "Your company failed to pay some taxes on time, so you need to pay a fine of RMB 200,000." But W knew that it was not true. Some would advise her to give bribes of RMB 20,000–30,000, but W insisted not to and attended services and prayer meetings as usual.

On the final day of paying the fine, she went to the taxation bureau and said to the staff, "I have paid all the taxes. Why fine me?" After a stalemate, the director of the taxation bureau came out to check her tax payment details and said, "You have paid all you should, and you don't need to pay a fine." Later, W witnessed, "This is God's help to me. I didn't bribe or make false accounts, and finally, I got justice. God is faithful, and he never fails."

Elder Yang believes that numerous Christians tend to perceive God, whom they should depend on, through the words frequently spoken by others. If a Christian only talks about faith without good deeds, he is no different from unbelievers. Faith should also be life-oriented, and Christians should experience the presence of God.

- Translated by Oliver Zuo

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