Friday, February 23rd, 2024
Interview is an important column of China Christian Daily providing original interviews and translations of original writing on Christians in China and abroad. It covers world church leaders, ministry heads, laypersons, and professionals.

Interview With China Partner President: God Has Used Christian Leadership to Grow His Church in China

As a descendant of German missionaries to China, Erik Bürklin, president of China Partner, has been serving the church in China with training trips and material distribution in the past decades. With a heart for China, Erik talks about the main work and projects of the organization, the changes in the church in China, challenges facing Chinese pastors and churches, and global engagement in China.

Interview: Businesspersons, Don't Become Pastors Unless Called

Dedicated to serving businesspersons, a Christian couple shares main points in pastoring the group. They recommend the group not to become pastors unless they are called as it is easier for business owners to share the gospel with their employees than pastors.

Pastor Advises Christians on Acquiring Wealth: Follow God's Will

Regarding the prevalent concept in churches in China that suggests being poorer indicates greater devoutness, leading to a reluctance to discuss money and wealth, a Chinese pastor from Soth China states that Christians can create and manage wealth according to God's will.

Case Study: Focus on Pastoring the Elderly in 'Aging' Church

The theme study on "How to Age Gracefully" offered by the church is specifically for elderly volunteers aged 70 and above who still have the energy to serve. It aims to break them out of traditional lifestyle patterns and lead them to live a healthy, quality life centered around God's service.

Interview: Three Crises Facing Chinese Church and Solutions

Pastor Zhang believed that the Church in China was currently facing a developmental bottleneck, identifying three reasons for this: the crisis of the congregation, church workers, and the church. He suggested that the solution lied in pastors continuing to look to Jesus in challenging circumstances, rediscovering their initial purpose, and setting an example.
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