Friday, February 23rd, 2024
Testimonies is a unique column of China Christian Daily providing testimonies of Chinese Christians, ranging from church leaders to laypersons.

Real Belief Beneath Chickenpox

A believer testified to real spiritual growth through an experience of getting chickenpox upon arrival in a foreign country.

God Healed My Spiritual Burnout Through My Grandfather

During the first year of my full-time ministry, I often complained about financial struggles, but my grandfather said to me kindly, "No matter what you have been through, believe that God owes you nothing from the beginning to the end, and He has given us everything He has."

Story: Return to God Thanks to Cancer, Failed Business

A female believer encountered a dual crisis in her midlife—career failure and health challenges, but she experienced divine guidance through dreams, received miraculous healing, and serves as a church receptionist to reach the lost.
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