House Church Leaders Trained to Identify Leadership Styles

By Elsie HuDecember 13th, 2016

How should a leader find his or her leadership style and styles of other leaders in his or her team? A speaker shares ten different styles of leadership and four steps to identify your leadership style in a training session called "Courageous Leadership" held in a house church of Shanghai. 

First of all, she introduces ten types of leaders: visionary, directional, strategic, managing, motivational, shepherding, team-building, entrepreneurial, re-engineering and bridge-building.

Then there are four steps to identify your style:

1. Refer to the above ten styles and some of them may strike a chord with you. Then ask your acquaintances about their opinions. 

2. Determine if the selected style fits your current situation. It may be a troublesome and painful process. For example, Sam is identified as an entrepreneurial leader, who serves in a century-old church. But the church is not interested in exploring any new ministry, then Sam may mess the church up.

In many cases, the leadership style is inevitably perfect with some requirements of a church. 

3. Recognize the leadership style of each member in your team. The team should identify the advantages and disadvantages of each member. See what kind of a leader can be absorbed into the team.

4. Make full use of your strongest leadership style and strengthen your weak aspects of leadership. 

Translated by: Karen Luo

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