Church Calling for Qualified Leaders (I)

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By CCD contributor: Zhang HeAnOctober 11th, 2016

To promote the sinicization of Christianity, the church shall have a qualified leader. The passage tries to explore the expectations of qualified leaders in the trend of sinicization of Christianity and what qualities a leader in the church shall have.


At present, the academic circle and government in China are concerned about the sinicization of Christianity. The exploration and understanding of sinicization have a great influence on the future of Christianity in China.

At this year's National Working Conference for Religious Affair, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that all kinds of religion shall adhere to sinicization in China. He said that Christianity in China shall integrate with traditional Chinese culture so as to promote the construction of a harmonious and stable society.

The key to the sinicization of Christianity is the leader. The quality and working method of a leader are fundamental.

(1) What is a leader?

In the context of ancient China, a leader means collar and sleeve, which are striking, rigorous and serious. The word now represents people who guide other individuals in the team.

(2) The importance of a leader

Aubrey Malphurs reminded us in 1998 that 80% to 85% of the churches tended to decline in North America due to a serious crisis of leadership. The church was in great need of sacred and spiritual leaders.

Easum put forward 20 principles related to the growth of a church. One of them says that a pastor's leadership is directly linked to the growth of a church.

General Secretary Xi Jinping made a speech at this year's National Working Conference for Religious Affair, suggesting setting up a talent pool of Christianity in China. He mentioned that the leader of the church directly affects the relationship between believers and the government. Chinese government will support for the construction of  the church's talent pool. We shall let good leaders play their role in the internal religious affairs. A good leadrs shall have right attitude towards religion and  policitics. They must have high efficiency and noble morality. Their working method shall be democratic.

According to the speech,  an excellent leader will guarantee the stable and healthy growth of a church and promote the harmony of the society. We Christians in China shall carry out General Secretary's instructions and build a qualified talent team.


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