Three Principles to be a Successful Fundraiser, Shanghai House Church Learns

By Elsie HuDecember 1st, 2016

A church cannot give full play to its relief capacity as long as donation can't roll in the church, no matter how a church leader is erudite and well-informed. Regardless of how church leaders hate the topic of "money", one of their duties is to raise funds and manage money.

Regarding fundraising, leaders may take the place of "fundraiser". Then how to be qualified for this job?

A speaker shares three Principles needed to know as a fundraiser in a training session called "Courageous Leadership" held in a house church of Shanghai:

Principle #1 God is the ultimate provider of wealth.

An old nursery rhyme says that God has numberless cattle and sheep, coupled with the treasures of every mine. Psalm 50:12 declares, "For the world is mine, and all that is in it." We can know that God's wealth is measureless.

However, some church leaders fall into a snare, regarding some members of the church as the ultimate provider of money. But men work as the pipeline to convey the property rather than the provider. Leaders should realize that only God is able to control the flow of wealth, what's more, he wants to help the church.

Church is considered as his bride, a gift he gives to the world. God will be happier than anyone to see the church with the proper financial supply.

Principle #2 People are pleased to donate under certain circumstances. 

A fundraiser should figure out if people tend to give donations. Suppose that some people who were greedy and poor  hated to donate, it would inevitably throw cold water on the motivation of a fundraiser when calling them to make contributions.

If a leader firmly believes that his or her responsibility is to squeeze people out of avaricious people, he or she will involuntarily plot a donation strategy to manipulate others, even to an extent that leads to crime. It harms people, and also destroys the church over time.

Finding the right people for donation, the right purpose, as well as the right method at the right time, contributes to a successful result.

Principle #3 Financial ministry test leadership characters than other challenges. 

The speaker claims that if there is a church leader imagining a millionaire who wants to transfer some millions of yuan to the church account, so the financial problem can be solved once and for all. Or the church may deposit the sum in a bank and the raising interests will relieve the congregation. 

She adds that God uses the financial pressure as a tool to lead the church and members into higher commitment and increase faith in God. Never underestimate the value of church's spiritual growth in the face of a financial challenge. 

Translated By: Karen Luo

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