Zhejiang Church Renews 2024 Theme: 'New Look'

A picture of the Ningbo International Church in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province
A picture of the Ningbo International Church in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province
By Serena TseFebruary 13th, 2024

Ningbo International Church in Zhejiang Province issued its 2024 annual theme, renewing its vision and mission and planning pastoral ministries.

Released on the "Yongmu" app, a collective application for Ningbo churches to livestream services and offer resources, the annual theme "New Look" includes three aspects: a renewed exterior image of the church, a new plan for the church's ministries (evangelism, pastoring, discipleship, worship), and a new outlook on each coworker's and compatriot's life and spiritual life.

The church's updated vision on the Yongmu APP states that it wants to "become a church that is 'pleased to both man and nature, healthy and glorious.'" Its mission is to “live a new life and nurture good disciples; to establish lively and prosperous groups, forming a church in unity.”

To fulfill its vision, Ningbo International Church intends to establish a pastoral care system separated into five stages based on the growth process of one's spiritual life: seeker, believer, learner, disciple, and leader.

The requirements for “becoming a learner” encompass a dedication to the church, having an experience of rebirth and salvation in Jesus being reborn and saved in Jesus, receiving baptism, engaging in daily prayer over 15 minutes, studying the Bible, and doing devotional practices, as well as getting guidance from a mentor to nurture spiritual growth. The criteria for advancing to the status of “disciple” include a commitment to serving others, maintaining a prayerful and devotional routine exceeding 30 minutes daily, and mentoring one to three individuals of care. Becoming a “leader” involves guiding and training others, dedicating over an hour daily to prayer and spiritual practices, and serving as a core disciple or leader of the group.

The church provided learning courses for each stage, as well as the "study companions" needed for the courses.

According to the CCC&TSPM, the total construction area of Ningbo International Church is about 19,000 square meters (4.69 acres), which includes nearly 13,000 square meters (3.21 acres) of underground space, with the main chapel accommodating over 3,000 worshippers.

- Translated by Poppy Chan

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