Beijing Fellowship To Conduct Psychological Service

A picture of a Bible and a red heart with a medical stethoscope
A picture of a Bible and a red heart with a medical stethoscope (photo:
By Serena TseJanuary 25th, 2024

Beijing's flagship megachurch announced the launch of psychological counseling services for distressed people.

On January 20, the Beijing Haidian Church's Psychological Counseling Fellowship posted the "One-on-One Psychological Counseling Application Form" and related material on its WeChat public account to promote counseling efficiency.

According to the notice, therapy is for believers and non-believers suffering from various psychological issues such as depression and anxiety, marriage or relationship issues, family relationships, parent-child education, and other difficulties.

The counseling methods include biblical counseling and psychological counseling. "Some problems stem from human sins. People can be healed through confession and repentance before God." During biblical therapy, counselors will assist guests in confronting and resolving issues.

"Some psychological suffering is linked to a person's personality, living environment, chronic disorders, organic diseases, and a variety of other factors. Counseling teachers will assist the needy in exploring their difficulties and changing their perceptions of themselves, others, or objects to improve their mental health,” the notification stated.

Furthermore, the fellowship service offers themed public lectures, such as live broadcast classes; groups or one-on-one therapy online or in person; and psychological counseling resources on its official WeChat account. There is no fee for the counseling service.

Haidian Church was originally a preaching station affiliated with the Congregational Church, beginning with a large chapel that was built in 1933. Back then, there were about 500 believers. The new building was inaugurated on May 31, 2007, with a dedication ceremony. Every Sunday, four services are held in this 4,000-square-meter (0.99-acre) constructed-area building.

- Translated by Poppy Chan

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