Invasion Day Is Virtue Signalling Oikophobia Promoted in Australia

Bondi Beach, Australia
Bondi Beach, Australia (photo: Pixabay)
By Greg BondarFebruary 1st, 2024

Australia Day is about celebrating Australia as a country, about being an Australian and uniting as one with all the people of Australia.

The proponents of the so-called "Invasion Day" are merely intent on "dividing" the people of Australia for purposes known only to a small handful of perfidious and seditious activists who love being un-Australian.

The promotion of "Invasion Day" undermines our cultural and Judeo-Christian heritage and instead merely encourages Western self-hatred – the prime objective of left-wing ideologies.

Australia Day is about our nation and everyone in our nation – a day we can all celebrate and recognize Australia as a democratic country.

"Invasion Day" ideology is classic virtue signalling and merely promotes oikophobia resulting in the fear or hatred of one’s own society or civilization which is not what we should be celebrating.

Christian Voice Australia urges all Australians to "wave the Australian flag" and send the message that despite "Invasion Day" ideology we still call Australia home. 

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