North China Introduces Winter Activities for Tourists

Winter sports
Winter sports (photo: Pixabay)
By Mei ManuelDecember 11th, 2018

On Tuesday, China Daily reported that northern Chinese provinces will be expecting a tourism boom this year as snow-themed activities and tourist discounts are now available for travellers to enjoy.

The newspaper cited the announcement made by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, which said that cheaper tour packages that offer high-quality activities like skiing are supported to boost tourism in the northern parts of the country.

Currently, Gansu and Jilin have introduced new winter activities with cheaper prices, as well as offer discounts to tourist attractions and provide subsidies to travel agencies.

Earlier in the year, the China Tourism Academy and the online travel service provider said that 170 million visits were made by local travellers for winter activities in China in the past 2 years. These visits generated a revenue amount to 270 billion yuan.

The report said that the government is expecting that 340 million visits will be recorded by Chinese travellers by 2022, with an estimated revenue of 670 billion yuan.

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