Gospel Review: To Abide in Jesus After Watching 'The Squid Game'

Poster for the South Korean survival drama television series "Squid Game"
Poster for the South Korean survival drama television series "Squid Game" (photo: "Squid Game")
By Wen LiangFebruary 9th, 2022

"Live, live at the cost of the death of others!" This is my deepest feeling after watching the South Korean survival drama television series "Squid Game". I think this series expresses the relationship between rights, capital, and life through children's games. Despite the simple rules of the game, people become crazy and terrible to win a big prize.

In "Squid Game", 456 players who were deep in debt attended a contest. Some of the unemployed signed indenture contracts borrowing from loan sharks, some were heavily in debt because of embezzlement, some had no way to retreat because they were chased by gangsters, and some suffered from diseases due to old age... So they all needed money.

In this context, there was an opportunity for them to make a fortune by playing games, but only the final winner could survive, receiving a reward of about 250 million yuan.

After the first round of the game named "One, Two, Three, Wooden Man", many people wanted to quit the game after half the people died. However, in the face of poverty, they returned to the game together. Knowing that there was a risk of death, they had a little hope to survive.

Of course, in the series, there are also some warm scenes, including trusting each other with their lives, and friendships across generations. But these relationships were destroyed by the desire for life. In order to survive themselves, some people began to inflict death on others.

I am thankful for being chosen by God who keeps me from getting caught up in this worldly game mode and losing myself because of money and desire.

For many Christians, regardless of their lives, the only thing they care about is obeying God's law and following His footsteps. With such a heart in the world, they are not subject to the rules of the world or fall into the snare of temptation.

In fact, Christians’ greatest hope is in Jesus Christ who is the way, the truth, and the life. So poverty, disease, and even death can not threaten them, as Jesus is the answer.

Too often people are filled with fear of the unknown, poverty, and death, yet Jesus Christ came to free those who are held in slavery by their fear of death.

The series shows us the helplessness in life, the ugliness, and the fickleness of human nature, but through this play, I also realize the gospel is eternal and the truth comes through Jesus. The best way for people to escape the bondage of the world is to abide in Christ.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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