'A Grain of Wheat' Charity Film Festival To Be Held in Xi'an

A picture shows green grains facing the sun.
A picture shows green grains facing the sun. (photo: pixabay.com)

The 2024 “A Grain of Wheat - Goodwill in the Images” Charity Film Festival will be held in the ancient city of Xi'an, on the evening of June 29.

The event will feature stories of acts of kindness through film and music. The series will include public welfare stories of “Qingdao - Real Heroes: Blind Football Team,” “Shanghai - The Home by Mr. Stone,” “Inner Mongolia -Together Forever,” and “The Ark,” covering topics such as care for the elderly and disabled, medical assistance, disaster relief, and care for women and children. Together with the performances of the choirs, the films will testify to the miracle of a grain of wheat turning into a field of wheat.

This is the fourth stop of the film festival's national tour. According to the tour schedule, future stops will include Qingdao, Shanghai, Chengdu, Jiangyin, Haikou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wenzhou, and Beijing.

The curator and director of this event, which is hosted by Beijing Chuan Yang Mei Shi Culture and Media Co., Ltd, is Xu Liang, the founder of the company. Xu is also the special art advisor of the Wenzhou Tianai Charity Association, and as a director, he focuses on story production.

- Translated by Joyce Leung

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