Jeremy Lin Requests Prayer, Expects People to Move in Prayers

Jeremy Lin tied his shoes on the court recently.
Jeremy Lin tied his shoes on the court recently. (photo: Jeremy Lin)
By Christine Lau October 20th, 2021

Christian basketball player Jeremy Lin issued a prayer request, encouraging people to move in prayers.

Citing Psalm 46:10, Lin requested prayers on October 12 for the upcoming CBA season, the battle against COVID-19, and the public’s mental health.

“I will pray for Beijing Ducks as foreign players are allowed in the CBA. Please pray for me that I could enjoy this season, keep healthy, and play basketball at the best level in my life. I would like to remember that my role as a basketball player is to honor God, not myself.”

He confessed that the past months were a time for necessary rest, restoration, and self-discovery. What touched him during that period was that God revealed some perspective shifts in his mental life.

“God is my father, not a tyrant. He lovingly walks with me in my life, never waiting for my next mistake to judge me... He has shown me legalism, pride, ignorance, and where I lack understanding about his true identity. So I had been reestablishing a new relationship with him during the time. I had been attempting to talk with him rather than follow strict frames in my prayer time. I had been trying different ways (drawing near to nature, listening to music, and walking) to experience God rather than adhere to the same pattern. I had been sitting with him, going through different moods in his presence rather than oppress them. I felt ashamed for “insufficient faith in God”. These things have brought me a sense of refreshing and renewal.”

“I had devotions every day, but my relationship with God seemingly lasted the whole day, not just the distributive devotion time. I felt easier, happier, more natural, and comfortable. To be honest, this was the beginning, so I’m aware there’s more to learn, but I feel excited! Thank you for reading my post. Let’s move in prayers. This is my direct verse in this life season: Psalm 46:10 ‘Be still, and know that I am God’.”

- Translated by Karen Luo

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