Don’t Get Abortion on Children's Day: Christian Pro-life Ministry

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By Grace ZhiJune 3rd, 2024

On June 1, Children's Day, the Christian pro-life ministry “Don't Get an Abortion on Children's Day” urges expectant parents to say “Welcome to the World” to their unborn babies and that they “would not get an abortion on Children's Day.”

As the title of the campaign appeals, “Don't Get an Abortion on Children's Day 2024: Welcome to the World,” the article reads, “Every child conceived is a member of the human race who has yet to pass through the gate of ‘birth’ into the world. And abortion is a malicious act of those who came first to take the lives of those who came after.”

“Therefore, we wish to express our goodwill to these new members who are about to be born – welcome to the world.”

The ministry states, “More and more examples show that a person’s attitude toward abortion reflects the level of hope they have for the world. Sometimes the act of abortion is even distorted into a good deed... But as long as there is still one person willing to light a candle, the world is not in total despair. The world is still welcoming as long as it is lit.”

The ministry points out that when housing prices were rising, some expectant parents gave up their unborn babies to save money to buy a house, just like a company's human resources department fired an unknown employee. “But now that these parents no longer have a child, their houses have lost their value.”

The ministry goes on to say that a woman's womb is exquisitely designed. “It not only ensures the smooth flow of nutrients but also blocks the invasion of any virus. The mother and child are so intimately connected that abortion, which is an artificial act of splitting that connection, is a dangerous and costly mistake. Do not harm the 'persons in the womb.' They are noble, wonderful, and priceless.”

- Translated by Joyce Leung

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