In Memory of Elder He Jiming of Daning County, Shanxi Province

A picture of Elder He Jiming reading the Bible
A picture of Elder He Jiming reading the Bible (photo: CCD contributor: Zhang Xiaohua)

On April 6, Elder He Jiming of the church in Daning County, Shanxi Province, passed away. Elder He, who has long served as the leader of the county's CC&TSPM, was elected last year as director of the fourth Board of Supervisors for the Linfen Municipal CC&TSPM. In September 2021, I paid a visit to this religious senior.

Born in December 1951, Elder He had a rough life, yet he gave his life to the Lord. He's father served as a long-term preacher, while his mother was a fervent praying believer. A divine dream helped him realize God's call, prompting him to start the journey of serving Him. He attended the first provincial volunteer training session in Taiyuan in 1984 and stepped foot in churches across counties and cities throughout Shanxi Province since then.

During Mr. He’s dedicated ministry journey, he broke down two bicycles and two motorcycles. He walked through knee-deep snow, struggled on his way to preach in pouring rain, and insisted on conducting visitation ministries even in hunger and thirst. In his service, he not only shared biblical teachings but also relied on the Lord to heal the sick.

In his later years, despite battling liver cirrhosis and many other diseases, he was able to bear witness to the Lord before the congregation with God's mercy and salvation. He confessed: "As a humble person, what can I do for the Lord? My entire life has been chosen and used by God. With such love bestowed upon me, how could I not dedicate myself completely and live for the Lord?"

According to him, seven missionaries were martyred for the Lord in Daning County, a small town of fewer than 60,000 people, imbuing the local church with profound historical significance.

On a snowy evening last November, I met Elder He at the Shizhao Church in Yuci District, Jinzhong City. The old man was in good spirits and kept sharing his testimony of gratitude. Along with the Daning congregation, he offered blessings for the newly completed church.

I would like to revisit him, but he has been already sleeping safe and sound in the Lord's arms. He rests from his labor, for his deeds will follow him.

- Translated by Poppy Chan

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