How Did They Get Out of Heresies?

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By Ruo WangFebruary 20th, 2024

Many pastors, scholars, and government persons have expressed that it is usually very difficult for people who are deeply involved in heresies to come out of them. Some long-time believers have even become so entrenched that it is difficult to get them out, no matter how much reasoning or care is given.

Heresies are frightening, but fortunately, some church members are able to break free from them and return to orthodox Christianity.

Zhang is a Christian who graduated from a famous British university. One day while he was in the UK, someone knocked on his door. Seeing that the visitors were well-mannered, he received them. It turned out that they were Jehovah's Witness missionaries who were targeting the Chinese. At that time, Zhang did not know much about Christianity, so he joined the heresy and stayed for several years.

After Zhang returned to China, he was cut off from the organization and had to attend Sunday services at another church. After further interaction with other church members and the fact that he was a top student in school, Zhang was soon able to understand the true Christian faith. As a result, he left his erroneous path and returned to the orthodox faith.

From the time Zeng was young, her mother and sister were devoted followers of a popular cult, so devoted that they even decided to break away from their father, who was not a Christian at the time.

While at university, Zeng fell in love with a young man who happened to be a Christian. Seeing that Zeng's view of faith was full of errors, her boyfriend recommended some books on theology to her. After reading Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologica, Zeng finally understood the errors of her family's faith and returned to orthodox Christianity.

After Zeng married, she even began to visit her separated elderly father on a weekly basis to help him correct his misconceptions about the Christian faith, and he eventually came to Christ and was baptized. Unfortunately, Zeng's mother was so deeply obsessed with the heretic group that when she fell ill, she did not receive timely treatment and lost her life.

Hong attended Bible study classes at least four nights a week. Once, he met a friend he had not seen in a long time. His friend told Hong that he was also a Christian and took Hong to a secret meeting point with him. At first, Hong felt that it was a place full of fervor and love.

However, having a very clear understanding of the truth, Hong soon became aware of the false gaps in the teaching of the meeting point. So, Hong immediately left the group and blacklisted his friend and other members of that heretical group. Because Hong was cautious and did not reveal too much personal information, the heretics could not reach him after he left.

A Catholic Christian also said that a lady in his neighborhood, Mrs. Li, once became obsessed with the Eastern Lightning cult and would not listen to any advice.

Then one day a Christian brother said to her, "This organization was founded by people from Henan. It will only lead you to tragedy if you continue to participate." Since Mrs. Li has always discriminated against certain regions, when she heard this, she "came to her senses" and stopped contacting the heretics. Although such regional discrimination is undesirable, it actually has some unexpectedly good effects.

- Translated by Joyce Leung

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