Testimony of Two Rural Evangelists Who Found Light in the Darkness

A cross-shaped cutout on a stone wall at a county church of M City
A cross-shaped cutout on a stone wall at a county church of M City
By Shuai HuoshiJanuary 30th, 2024

Editor's note: Mr. Wang, a blind man, and Mrs. Yulian, who is illiterate, are evangelists I encountered in a rural church in Xuzhou who left a profound impression on me. Despite his blindness, Mr. Wang could explain the truths of the Bible with profound insight, while Mrs. Yulian, though illiterate, can expound the true doctrine from the pulpit.

I used to think that blind people could not see black and white or discern direction, assuming their world to be a dark abyss. It was not until I met a blind evangelist, Mr. Wang (who has returned to heaven), from a rural church in Xuzhou that my perception of blind people changed completely. Despite his blindness, Mr. Wang was well-versed in the Bible and knowledgeable about spiritual matters. He could remember many scriptures by heart, and his sermons always penetrated the hearts of listeners, edifying and admonishing them.

Mr. Wang lived in great poverty, eating only plain steamed buns and cabbage every day. Yet he regarded his humble existence as a gift from the Lord and was grateful. When people offered him money, he firmly refused, saying, "The grace of the Lord is sufficient for me; please donate this money to those who are in greater need."

Mr. Wang had a radio on which he listened exclusively to the audio broadcasts of Radio Liangyou, featuring sermons, exegesis, and teachings. Although it was very old, he treasured it. I remember once sending him some cassette tapes of pastors' sermons from Yancheng, Jiangsu Province. He said, "This is the spiritual food of life. Thank you, little brother, for your love. This, too, is a gift from God."

Mr. Wang had very minimal material and physical needs. As long as he had enough to eat and wear, he was satisfied. His pursuit of spiritual life was continuous refinement as he continually climbed spiritual peaks.

Later, I met Mrs. Yulian and discovered a spiritual mystery: extensive knowledge can sometimes become an obstacle on the spiritual path, and illiterate rural women can also grasp spiritual mysteries.

Mrs. Yulian is illiterate, having only attended night school in the village. Yet, through self-study, she reads the entire Bible and even preaches during Sunday gatherings.

How can an illiterate rural woman comprehend spiritual matters? I believe it stems from her simplicity, purity, and fervent love for God. This allows her freedom from any hindrance or obstacle on the spiritual path, remaining closely connected to the Lord Jesus. Sometimes, knowledge and learning become the foundation for pride and self-exaltation, making it impossible for us to be completely humble.

Mrs. Yulian can not read a single word, yet she can unlock the truths of the Bible. This is a spiritual mystery.

(This is a guest/freelance article written by a Christian in Jiangsu Province.)

-Translated by Nonye Nancy

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