Jilin, Harbin Churches Extend Assistance to Flood Disaster

A flood
1/2A flood
Recently, a rescue team organized by the Bayan County CC&TSPM carried out a rescue at the severely flooded areas in Harbin, Heilongjiang.
2/2Recently, a rescue team organized by the Bayan County CC&TSPM carried out a rescue at the severely flooded areas in Harbin, Heilongjiang.(photo: Shanghai Cloud Church official WeChat account)
By Ai Mo August 11th, 2023

The churches situated in Jilin and Harbin have rendered aid to the local flood predicament.

Several sources asserted that Yushu City within Jilin Province was grappling with an unprecedented flood occurrence that transpires once every fifty years. Pastors and staff members from local grassroots churches in Yushu have promptly joined the flood relief initiatives, providing the church premises as a temporary haven for disaster-stricken individuals.

According to a report by CCTV News, as of August 6th, a total of 18,941 individuals from eight townships and 31 villages in Yushu had been safely relocated.

Within Rev. Liu's jurisdiction, four provisional shelters have been established: a middle school, an elementary school, a clinic, and a church. The church has accommodated approximately fifty individuals. The majority of those inhabiting rural areas are elderly people left behind by their absent children. Among them, some are ailing, and others are incapacitated.

Church personnel have undertaken tasks such as providing haircuts, donating food supplies, preparing meals, and distributing clean socks to the affected populace. After the villagers were settled within the church premises, Rev. Liu and the staff extended their assistance by delivering relief provisions to two other villages. "Given this year's crop failure among the villagers, we aspire to contribute in any possible manner," affirmed the pastor.

By August 9th, the floodwaters in certain villages had receded; however, a noxious odor lingered in the atmosphere, and the water remained unsuitable for consumption. "The endeavor of post-disaster reconstruction is monumental," expressed Reverend Liu. Furthermore, the region could potentially face the looming threat of typhoons in the coming days, thus soliciting prayers for this precarious situation.

In recent times, incessant heavy rainfall has precipitated a dire flood prevention situation. The Bayan County CC&TSPM in Harbin, Heilongjiang, has extended its support by donating blankets, breakfast pastries, bottled water, and instant noodles for the entire county, reported the "Cloud Church" official WeChat account based in Shanghai.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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