Stream of Praise, KUA Worship Release First Collaborative Worship Album

Stream of Praise and the KUA Worship Team jointly presented a hymn to release their first worship album on October 13, 2022.
Stream of Praise and the KUA Worship Team jointly presented a hymn to release their first worship album on October 13, 2022. (photo: screenshot)
By Christine Lau October 27th, 2022

Stream of Praise (SOP) Music Ministries cooperated with KUA Music Ministry for the first time in a new worship special album.

These two music ministries jointly released a new worship special album on October 13, hoping it would help Chinese people around the world to meet God through a new form of worship.

This album is the first collaboration between them. The production team of SOP is responsible for editing, mixing, and all production. The AV team of the other one is in charge of pre-production including filming, sound recording, and video recording.

The two teams presented hymns in two different styles, looking forward to "moving more eager hearts" through cross-team collaboration and cross-platform play. At the same time, the two teams invited listeners to "have complete faith" wherever they were and "experience the presence of God in their heart and space."

Divided into two parts, the worship album contains nine original songs, such as "Unshakable Faith", "My God and King", "You Are Our God", "Doxology", "Before Your Throne", "Here I Am", "Abba This Is You", "We Long to See You", and "Hear Our Cry".

Established in 1993, SOP established a non-profit organization in California in 1995, with the SOP Cultural Foundation being registered and established in Taiwan in 1997. Publishing the first original worship and praise album "Let Praise Arise" in 1996, it has produced 51 albums, including worship and praise albums, youth and children worship albums, selected performance series, piano performance series, live audio and video recordings, and worship video series. The tour has traveled to the United States, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia.

KUA Worship, or KUA Music Ministry, was born during the 2020 global pandemic. "While many ministries and services begin to shift online, God had long prepared and united a group of musicians who have known each other for many years, coming together from diverse backgrounds to launch a brand new ministry. Our vision is to release God’s heartbeat and message through music, and to prepare the way for the coming Jesus," said it on its official website.

- Translated by Livingstones

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