Jiangsu Church Recruits New Choir Members

Holy Grace Choir of Gongxiang Church in Suzhou, Jiangsu
Holy Grace Choir of Gongxiang Church in Suzhou, Jiangsu (photo: Gongxiang Church)
By Ai Mo September 8th, 2022

A church in China's eastern coastal Jiangsu Province is recruiting chorus members and pianists for the choir.

On September 4, Suzhou Gongxiang Church released a recruitment notice, saying believers or seekers aged 18-45 who love music and singing can sign up as a chorus member. 

It also recruits pianists who are proficient in playing the piano and willing to learn the knowledge of Christian music and performance between 18 and 60 years old.  With the education of junior high school or above, these two kinds of persons are required to participate in the performance in Saturday evening service and Wednesday rehearsal.

The Holy Grace Choir of Gongxiang Church is a youth chorus group that sings fresh hymns on the stage every Saturday night. It organizes professional vocal music learning every Wednesday night, and other fellowship activities such as Bible study, spiritual practice, group prayer, and communication.

- Translated by Livingstones Shi

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