Churches Across China Engage in Fight Against COVID-19 With Donations

Pastoral staff of Zhangzhou CC&TSPM in Fujian volunteered to carry out nucleic acid testing in a local primary school in the Jiahe Community in late February, 2022.
Pastoral staff of Zhangzhou CC&TSPM in Fujian volunteered to carry out nucleic acid testing in a local primary school in the Jiahe Community in late February, 2022. (photo: Zhangzhou CC&TSPM)
By John WangMarch 29th, 2022

Churches in Liaoning, Fujian, Jiangsu, and Jiangxi endeavored to help with the prevention of the coronavirus pandemic, donating food and money and assisting with nucleic acid testing, as the COVID-19 cases were surging across China.

After opening as a nucleic acid testing site for about 7,500 people on March 14 and 17, Pulandian Church on Wenhua Road Church in Dalian, Liaoning, provided donations in cash and kind totaling 145,00 yuan, including 100,000 yuan to the district charity foundation and the united front work department specially dedicated to epidemic prevention and control.

Responding to the call of the Jiaozhou Municipal Party Committee after the outbreak of the epidemic in March, Jiaozhou Municipal CC&TSPM in Shandong has motivated believers to make contributions since March 20, supplying more than 13,000 yuan worth of masks, disinfectants, mineral water, and instant noodles to the surrounding sub-district office and two villages, according to Qingdao CC&TSPM.

Besides carrying out online pastoral care amid the suspension of in-person gatherings, ten staff of Zhangzhou CC&TSPM and pastors on February 23 led a team to help with the second round of nucleic acid testing carried out in the Jiahe Community, so did Tabitha volunteers of Beimen Church in Zhangzhou in other two places. Chengguan Church in Hua’an County also participated in the epidemic prevention and control effort.

In addition to that, Zhangzhou CC&TSPM and Xiangcheng Christian Council (CC) donated 20,000 yuan to Jiahe Community in Xiqiao Street and Xiangcheng District, with 8,288 yuan worth of relief materials donated by the Hua’an TSPM, reported Zhangzhou CC&TSPM.

In response to the request by Quanzhou Municipal Bureau of Ethnic and Religious Affairs, Quannan Church in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, organized for 25 pastors and service team volunteers to participate in the nucleic acid testing and epidemiological investigation in the Xiahuai community, the church said.

Yecuo Church in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, bought 150 rainbow umbrellas valued at 4,500 yuan for three village committees: Zhongcuo, Yecuo and Yuanfeng, Quangang District CC&TSPM reported.

On March 24, the Changzhou Chongshan Fund in Jiangsu affiliated with Amity Foundation supplied instant noodles and medical masks to six units including the Fengle Community in the Wujin District, and the Wanghu Community in the Xinbei District, Changzhou Church said.

On March 22, Holy Grace Church in the Xihu District, Nanchang, Jiangxi, delivered 3,600 yuan worth of instant noodles, eight-treasure porridge, and pure milk to the Wuwang Community and Chaonong Street, Nanchang CC&TSPM reported.

The next day, staff from Fanjia Church in the Economic Development Zone in Nanchang visited the cadres and masses in Maiyuan Village, bringing instant noodles, biscuits and mineral spring water, with Qinglan meeting point donating 4,000 yuan to the front-line anti-epidemic workers.

On the same day, following the donation of 4,000 yuan from Qingshan Church in the Donghu District, Guangming meeting point in the district purchased 1,200 yuan of supplies to help fight the epidemic, with instant noodles, mineral water presented by Central Church in Jinxian County on the following day.

On March 25, staff from Jinxian County CC&TSPM, Dongxinxiang Church in Nanchang County, Fushan Church, and other gathering sites paid visits to frontline staff with food supplies.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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