Two Guangzhou Churches Close, While Sichuan Church Reopens

Guangzhou Zion Church, Guangdong
Guangzhou Zion Church, Guangdong
By Mark Cui March 14th, 2022

Chinese churches keep closing and reopening due to the local COVID-19 situation.

On March 11, Guangzhou Guangxiao Church and Zion Church announced the closure due to the surge of local positive cases. Onsite Sunday services, fellowships, and choir rehearsals have all been canceled. 

As Chengdu has effectively controlled the coronavirus outbreak, Chengdu Church said on Thursday that it would reopen. The church added that every meeting attendance would not exceed 99, requiring reservation ahead of time. 

The next day, Shangxiang Church in the same city released a notice, stating that services on Saturday and Sunday would resume starting from March 12, with the number of worshippers to be limited to 100. It also reminded its members to book their place in advance for the gatherings, except the ones on weekend evenings, broadcasting live the second, third, and fourth services during these two days. 

- Translated by Karen Luo


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