Fujian CC&TSPM Urged against Shincheonji’s 18 Heretical Ideas

Zhangzhou Beimen Church, Fujian
Zhangzhou Beimen Church, Fujian
By Mark Cui March 27th, 2020

On March 23, 2020, the Fujian TSPM issued a notice to remind believers of all churches to be cautious of the Shincheonji cult. The  CC&TSPM told churches across the province to manage the conduct of the adherents in their churches, in order to prevent damage in the name of Christianity from the cults. If any sign of the cult, one should immediately report to the local department of religious affairs or public security agencies.

The Fujian TSPM has listed the Shincheonji's 18 heretical ideas for churches to use as a reference.

1 Churches are unconcerned, and the pastors' sermons are poor.

2 I'm a Christian, and I want to invite you to join our fellowship, which has a good atmosphere, to study the Bible and sing the hymns.

3 You must know that the Kingdom is available to just 144,000 people. The gate to enter Heaven is narrow, and those people who exceed the number cannot get in.

4 How about we have a meal and communicate together? And we could make a special faith plan for you.

5 You need to give God a chance, which also provides a possibility for you, because you could only have peace by faith.

6 All problems related to your faith are arising from your misunderstanding about the scripture. You should get our teachings.

7 You have to study the Bible hard and take part in the exam, which is the only way you can enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

8 The Bible (CUV) advocates the idea of "Scripture alone" by Martin Luther, which was denied in church history. Everyone can interpret the Bible, so what the pastors say is not necessarily correct.

9 You could give your offerings anywhere, however, if you give it to the TSPM, whose pastors are improper shepherds, it's a waste of your money. It's wise for you to give the offerings to Shincheonji who is patient and warm-hearted.

10 When you come study the Bible, bring a person with you so that you two can support and complement each other.

11 Shincheonji not only can settle your problems of faith, but also help you find a marriage partner.

12 Some Christians lack the ability to discern properly and are unstable in their faith, but they can stay for 10 years after we preach and shepherd them, which could prove us a lot.

13 Shincheonji, unlike other churches where the pastors have to have their sermons checked, enjoys the freedom of religious belief.

14 When you join Shincheonji, you can thoroughly understand the mysteries of the Bible, which will make you the most intelligent people in the world.

15 In the view of members of Shincheonji, the meaning of prayer is the plea from subordinates to superiors, not the Christian belief that God and humans are friends, father and children, or God doesn't despise anyone.

16 The Book of Genesis says that in Noah's time people were saved by entering the ark, and received salvation through faith in Jesus when he came to the earth. Today people can only be saved and be part of the  144,000 through believing in Li Wanxi, the second coming of Christ.

17 Dear, one of my "sisters" teaches the Bible much better than the pastors in your church, so don't waste your time there any longer.

18 The number of adherents at our church is already more than 144,000, but God has not come yet because of the poor quality of the Christians. You need to wait, and diligently practice in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven and be named in the book of life.

- Translated by Sophia Chen



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