Archbishop of Ugandan Anglican Church Visits China

The group photo of the foreign delegation
The group photo of the foreign delegation (photo: CCC&TSPM )
By Karen LuoJune 5th, 2018

On May 22, 2018, a delegation including Rev. Stanley Ntagali, archbishop of Ugandan Anglican church, met Wang Zuoan, director of State Administration for Religious Affairs (SARA), according to SARA.

The delegation also had heads of Bible societies of South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, and China Partnership as well as Bishop John Chew Hiang Chea, retired archbishop of Singaporean Anglican Diocese.

Three days later, they visited CCC&TSPM, according to the official website of CCC&TSPM. Rev. Kan Baoping, vice-president of CCC, gave an introduction of the Chinese church, concerning the congregations' number, theological education, Bible printing and publication, and the sinicization of Christianity. 

Rev. Stanley Ntagali, on his first trip to China, said that he was interested in the post-denominational conditions of the Chinese church, especially the background under which the church in China was united, the management mechanism of CCC&TSPM, and evangelism ministries. 

Other members talked about heretical resistance, the sinicization of Christianity, Bible ministry cooperation, and cooperation among churches.  

- Translated by Karen Luo

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