Kingdom Culture Conference Held in Shenzhen Church

The logo of Shenzhen Lord Abundance Church
The logo of Shenzhen Lord Abundance Church (photo: Shenzhen Lord Abundance Church )
By Ruth WangAugust 15th, 2017

The Kingdom Culture Conference was held at Shenzhen Lord Abundance Church on August 11 and 13.

The notice from the church's official WeChat account released last Wednesday said the two sessions would be led by Rev. Zhou Xunzheng with the theme of "A Culture of Empowerment" (Ephesians 2:18-22).

Rev. Zhou Xunzheng is a lecturer at the training academy of Bread of Life Christian Church in Taipei, a preacher of the church's youth ministry and chaplain of a Christian troupe. Known as the son of Rev. Zhou Shenzhu who had pastored the church for 34 years, Rev. Zhou Xunzheng graduated from the University of Nebraska. He responded to God's calling in the workplace and studied theology in the Word of Life Bible Centre. After graduation, he joined the planning and teaching team of the church's academy in 2004.   

- Translated by Karen Luo

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