Testimony: God Cured a Missionary's Incurable Disease

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By Elsie HuJune 16th, 2017

Sister H's brother had hepatitis B for over ten years and it was on the verge of turning into cancer. However, his liver disease was completely healed by God after he began his journey as an overseas missionary.

The following is the testimony of H

My brother has believed in God for over ten years.

He was diagnosed with hepatitis B in middle school, which struck my parents like a thunderbolt out of a clear sky. Hepatitis B is very tricky. It is difficult to cure and very contagious. My parents worried about his future a lot, including if he could get married someday would he pass it to his children.

Mom recalled that there was a vaccination against hepatitis B organized by my brother's primary school, but she didn't sign him up. Who would've thought this one mistake could expose him to the disease. My mom had regret and guilt ever since and took my brother to different major hospitals. Over the last ten years, picking up prescriptions and taking them have become the norm of his life.

My mom took my brother to see both traditional Chinese and western doctors and tried all kinds of medicine. Still, the only answer they got was that "it can be controlled with medicine, but there is no cure."

Just like that, accompanied by medicine, my brother went through middle school, high school, college, and eventually successfully graduated and found a job in Beijing.

His medicine tastes very bitter and rough. All these years, while the medicine controlled the hepatitis B virus, it was also a burden for his body.

He never complained, nor did he show any resentment toward mom after he learned about his condition. He has always coped with the family for treatment.

God led my brother into marriage and opened the door of happiness for him

After he turned 20, he began feeling hopeless about marriage due to the disease. He even gave up on getting married. By the time he was 26, my parents started to worry about his prospects because his age was considered too old to get married in our hometown. My dad said that if he couldn't find someone in Beijing, he would set up blind dates for him in our hometown.

While the family was planning this, my brother called. He told us that he got married, and this news surprised everyone.

He took his wife home for a reception after he got married. I asked for leave to come home and was totally overwhelmed by my sister-in-law's wisdom in her words and manners.

Everyone in the family was curious whether she knew about my brother's disease, but they dared not ask. One day, however, I couldn't hold it any longer and asked him if she knew about his condition. "She knew," he said. I was surprised again. She knew? "Why would she agree to this if she knew about it?" "Because she has faith," said my brother.

I learned later that my brother accepted Jesus after a friend took him to church. His wife has also been a Christian for many years. After they were set up by my brother's coworker, they often talked online about faith, life, and work. Then they met each other in person. My brother told her about his physical condition before they decided to date and that he was getting treatment. His wife admitted that she hesitated after she learned about his condition, so she prayed for God's guidance. She said that she had peace and faith inside of her through prayer, so she agreed to date my brother on the premise of marriage.

They had a daughter the second year after they got married and another daughter four years later. Their physical condition were both fine when they were taken to the hospital for checkups. It made my brother so relieved that neither of them have any genetic disease.

Though his children are healthy, this disease still weighed on him like a rock all year long. He took medicine everyday when he was single; now that he has children years later, he is still taking medicine. Sometimes the children would curiously ask: "Are you taking medicine dad? Why do you need it every day?"

He wanted God to cure his disease not just for himself but for his family. Because of this, my brother, my sister-in-law, and the brothers and sisters of the church prayed for his health. however, it became more serious instead of getting better year by year.

In 2013, after my brother had a physical examination in our hometown's hospital, my cousin, who works as a doctor at the hospital, secretly called my mom. She said that his hepatitis B virus was much beyond normal and it was likely to mutate. If so, it would probably become cancer. My cousin told mom to keep this from my brother in case he had stress and that she needed to supervise him to take more medicine.

Hearing this, my mom cried. At that moment, she was so worried that one day she would lose her son because of this disease. She asked my cousin to send more medicine and supervised my brother in taking the right dosage on time. She also kept telling my brother to stay positive in fear that his stress over life, work, and depression might cause the disease to mutate.

By God's grace, the hepatitis B of more than 10 years was completely healed

My brother quit his job in 2015 and went to foreign countries to evangelize with his wife and two kids. Our family was against this decision at first. Mom thought that with his condition he should not be traveling around. He said that his life was in God's hands. If God was to heal him, he would recover immediately; if God had other plans, he would obey.

Mom couldn't refute him but agreed with his decision. Even though he was not around, she still worried about his condition everyday. Every time she received his call, she would tell him to look after himself and not be too tired.

He promised mom to take his medicine on the phone but secretly stopped taking them in another country. He said that he realized deeply that if man relies on himself too much, God can't do His work. Man must rely on God completely. He also believed that God would heal him and even if He didn't, his faith still wouldn't shake.

While evangelizing overseas, he and his wife had the most difficult yet most blessed phase of their life. They worked hard on evangelism, their life, their faith, and the ministries that pleased God. Just like that, until they came back to China some time ago. Mom urged him to get another checkup and the result was unbelievable. The hepatitis B virus content was below 500; the HBsAg, HBeAg, and HBcAb became normal too. This astonished not only my parents, but my brother himself.

Mom asked, "Why did it become normal all of a sudden? Maybe all the medicine over the years finally worked?"

"It is God who healed me," he said after careful consideration.

He recalled sitting at a prayer meeting last year. While he was praying, he heard a "boom" in his body. It was like something sinking inside of him and he felt unprecedented ease and freedom. He didn't over think it and thought he was filled with the Holy Spirit. Thinking back, God had healed him at that prayer meeting.

Mom couldn't believe my brother's story. Although she had gotten to know the faith before, she never experienced a miracle. Just like she didn't believe my brother's story, she couldn't believe that he was truly healed. She wondered if the doctor misdiagnosed. My brother had to go to the hospital since he couldn't refuse mom; the result was the same as before.

The sudden good new was like the sunshine after rain in that it cleared out the smog that has been over this family. Mom was in such good spirits too. "It was God who healed me and we need to thank His grace," said my brother. Even my mom said, "Thank God! Your God is so great that He can heal disease like this. I thank Him from the bottom of my heart." "If it weren't for His grace, I couldn't be healed. Though this disease was because of a mistake, God's love and good intention would bring healing eventually. He would lead me in His beautiful promised direction," he replied.

Translated by Grace Hubl

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