Preacher Calls for Internal Preparation for Christmas

By CCD contributor: Si XiangDecember 1st, 2016

Now comes the Christmas season, the world is making preparations. There are Christmas trees decorated with colorful lights in the stores. Advertisement propagandizing Christmas presents, fashion styles and activities are placed everywhere for profits. Then how should Christians prepare themselves for the incoming Christmas? We may answer that churches are preparing programs such as songs, dances, and the Bible plays as well as the Christmas candies. Churches are decorated. 

Is there anything left? Let's have a look at what we should prepare for:

1. Prepare your heart

It matters more to prepare our hearts than everything outside, because there's no room left for the Lord in the hearts of many. Jesus will be born in our hearts than in visible churches or homes. At that time Jesus was born in a manger instead of an inn for there was no room. So today, is the inn in our heart occupied by something else or empty for the Lord?

Actually, Jesus came to the world to walk into us. Christians should prepare our hearts. For some Christians, they only go to church on Christmas. This type of Christians can't receive comfort, hope, and faith from the Lord in the face of difficulties. For churchgoers who serve in the church, if you feel miles away from the Lord, prepare your hearts. God will meet us in our hearts rather than our knowledge.

A reborn heart shall see God. A heart that is moved by God's spirit and transformed with repentance shall meet the sovereign master.  

2. Prepare presents to be offered

The Bible mentions that three Magis from the east prepared gifts for the birth of the Lord. (Matthew 2:10-11) They presented him with gold, incense, and myrrh, showing their sincerity.

Then what about us? Everybody surrenders differently, like time, efforts, talents and even all the lifetime. Normally there is a large expenditure in the church during the Christmas season. As members of the church and children of God, we can donate money to our spiritual home.

Meanwhile, do something meaningful. For example, get ready for a visit to the aged, disabled and sick or care those who need our hands.

3. Prepare yourself as the carrier of the Gospel

Christmas is considered as an opportunity for evangelization for non-Christians would like to go to church on the Christmas eve and at Christmas. Though they want to watch performances, the programs and hymns contain the message of God and especially in a church, a short sermon is given during the shows. Sometimes the sermon is required to last only ten minutes. We should ponder over the phenomenon, reflecting on the purpose of celebrating Christmas. 

As believers, we can invite our relatives, friends, classmates or co-workers to spend a different Christmas. Pray that those you want to invite can receive the salvation during the service. On this special holiday, the church can mobilize all the members to preach the Gospel and lead others to the Lord.

Translated By: Karen Luo

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