Fujian's First Sacred Music Training Opens in Seminary

The opening ceremony of the program
The opening ceremony of the program (photo: Fujian Theological Seminary )
By Grace ZhiJuly 13th, 2016

The first provincial sacred music training program officially opened in Fujian Theological Seminary (FTS) on July 11, 2016 in Fujian. At least 138 church sacred music co-workers who have musical background throughout China are receiving training in basic music theory, worship study, vocal music and instruments in the next six days.

Rev. Yue Qinghua, the seminary president and chairman of the provincial TSPM, said that the program works as a preparation for the opening of the sacred music department in the seminary with a historical significance to the FTS.

He also shared the message and the importance of worship study to the trainees.

The students are divided into different classes according to their majors: from vocal music, piano, keyboard, acoustical control to drum kit.

The participants take three courses every day from the morning, afternoon and evening with the daily summary handed in and sharing the studying reflection.

Besides these courses, suggestions for future study are also provided and discussed. The next day, Rev. Zhu Guijin, who teaches sacred music in East China Theological Seminary, taught them lessons on Music in Worship and The Order of Sunday Worship and Significance. Professor Lin Lijun from Fujian Normal University, also a dramatic soprano, shared his skills in singing in the program. 

There was also 45-minute morning prayer in each day of the session wherein different pastors share message each day and 30 minutes was also alloted for sharing and worship in the evenings during the program. 

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