Stories: Adversities Lead People Back to Faith

Two hands contacting through the light of love.
Two hands contacting through the light of love. (photo:
By Paul WuOctober 17th, 2023

Many people have pointed out that suffering is a blessing in disguise. Some believers who have no longing for the Lord or have backslid have returned to it because of adversity. In their opinion, suffering is not misfortune but the beginning of blessings.

A woman surnamed Huang, born into a Christian family, had always excelled in her academics since childhood and built a very successful career. In just a few years, she became a high-ranking executive in the company; she had a successful husband, and their child was outstanding.

However, some of her family members thought her reluctance to become a Christian and failure to attend church services were a shortcoming in her near-perfect life. While enjoying success in both career and family, Huang never considered matters of faith and wandered outside the church for over forty years.

One day, the company organized an outing for team building. Unfortunately, the vehicle they were traveling in was involved in a ghastly accident. When Huang was taken to the ambulance, she was already at the point of death. Through timely rescue efforts, she managed to survive. One day, in a daze, she heard someone singing hymns, which brought back memories of her early involvement in church activities. Suddenly, she felt a profound sense of peace, as if Christ were watching over her. Following this experience, she began to reflect on matters of faith and wholeheartedly embrace the gospel, becoming an invaluable worker within the church.

A male Christian, Chen, was also born into a Christian family and grew up in the church. For decades, he continued living a life of worship and service. However, he later realized that it was merely a result of family tradition and fulfilling religious obligations. Yet he lacked a deep connection with the Lord inwardly and did not have daily habits for improving his spiritual life.

One day, Chen suddenly fell ill and went for a hospital check-up, through which he found out that he had a terminal illness, and the doctors said he had less than six months to live. In desperation, he learned to rely on God and developed the habit of praying and reading the Bible every day. When medical treatment proved futile, he got healed and has remained healthy for over a decade. Today, he is a core worker in a church, actively contributing to the church.

A Christian woman with the surname of Fan comes from a spiritual family with a lineage of pastors and elders spanning over a hundred years. She grew up in a faith-filled environment; however, she was rather indifferent towards her faith and instead indulged in worldly pleasures. In her youth, she was almost like a socialite, well-versed in enjoying the luxuries of life.

She met a guy in a nightclub, and after getting married, she found out that he had a bad character. Not only did he frequently subject her to domestic violence, but he also brought other girls home. In her anguish, she divorced him and lived alone with her daughter.

Faced with life's pressures, Fan had contemplated suicide several times, but it was the thought of her young daughter that prevented her from doing anything rash. One Sunday, she passed by a church and instinctively walked in. Reflecting on the joyful moments she had experienced through God's love in the past, she could not hold back her tears. From that moment on, she repented and genuinely became a Christian.

After her ill-fated marriage, Fan gave up her bad habits and acted according to the teachings of the Bible. The church helped her rebuild her family, and she actively participated in church service, becoming an important church worker.

- Translated by Nonye Nancy

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