Story: Female Believer's Persistence Leads Her Husband from Sin to Faith in Over Two Decades

A picture of a man and a woman holding hands
A picture of a man and a woman holding hands (photo:
By Christine Lau October 6th, 2023

Some Christians may face situations where they have embraced the faith in Christ while their spouses have not, and sometimes even face attacks and persecution regarding their faith from their partners.

A female believer named Ren Nai (pseudonym) was in such a situation. For over two decades, she endured persecution from her husband due to her faith. However, because of her unwavering commitment and continuous prayers, her husband eventually came into contact with faith and became a better husband.

Although she had attended church services with her mother since childhood, Ren truly encountered the Lord after getting married. Once, her husband suddenly fell seriously ill, and despite several hospital visits, the cause of his illness remained undiagnosed. Another female Christian learned about her husband's condition and sought advice from their pastor, who suggested that perhaps God wanted to call Ren back to Him.

Upon hearing this, Ren Nai began to silently pray, saying, "If it's You, God, calling me back to the church, heal him, please."

Her husband's body condition improved, and she returned to the church. Due to her education, she was invited to participate in diverse church ministries, such as leading worship and reading scripture. Later, she began sharing the word at the altar, despite her husband's opposition.

Two decades ago, the church couldn't provide financial support. Ren Nai ran a braised meat shop in the market while serving in the church. However, every time she returned home late, her husband would find a variety of reasons to berate her, insult her faith, and even physically abuse her at times.

Once, during a physical altercation, as her husband used harsh words and violence, Ren Nai quietly shed tears and sang hymns while praying. Her husband still remembers that moment when he was hitting her, and she continued to sing, even recalling the name of the hymn.

So, whenever her husband's opposition lessened, she would return to the church to continue serving. However, his persecution grew more intense, even tearing up and burning Bibles and hymnals. In response, she stopped buying them and instead memorized scriptures and hymns in her mind.

When their daughter was four years old, her husband issued a new challenge, saying, "If you believe in the Lord every day, can't you pray to your God to give us a son? If your God gives us a son, I will believe in Him."

She saw an opportunity for her husband to come to faith, so she prayed to the Lord to conceive a son while using an IUD.

Miraculously, it happened. However, when she was two months pregnant, she suddenly had a fever of 40 degrees Celsius. After the fever subsided, the doctor told her that she couldn't keep the baby because her severe fever and urticaria during pregnancy could lead to health problems and possible mental disabilities for the child.

But the child was born healthy and remains so to this day, even passing strict military physical examinations. This event greatly shook her husband, although he did not immediately embrace the faith.

As her husband and his friends went out of town, he started indulging in quite different vices, including gambling and infidelity.

Those ten-plus years were tough for Ren Nai, as she had to raise two children on her own, provide for the family, attend parent-teacher meetings, and endure her husband's abuse every time he returned home. Some fellow believers even suggested that she retaliate, but she replied, "I am a pastor. If I were to confront my husband in the same way, how could I teach my congregation?"

Her husband was far from lovable: "He didn't have money for me, no love, no protection, no security, or no provision in any aspect." From a human perspective, she was incapable of love.

Thanks to prayer and God's guidance, she learned to love her husband, even though he was like an enemy. Every time he returned home, she pretended not to notice his actions, not to expose or criticize him, but to love him and pray for him.

During those years when her husband was away, opportunities for infidelity were numerous. She prayed fervently, believing that all hindrances and temptations would fail in the presence of her Lord.

A year later, God used certain circumstances to bring her husband back home, away from the sinful environment. That year, her husband fell ill and incurred significant gambling debts. While he was sick and in the hospital, Ren Nai was the only one willing to be by his side.

During his illness, her husband continued to persecute, obstruct, insult, criticize, and blame her. She felt that without faith, she might be on the path to suicide.

Once, church staff created Father's Day videos and invited her husband to the church. He saw the love and gratitude expressed by their two children in the video, and he cried deeply.

During a marriage and family study, a teacher emphasized the importance of submission, regardless of whether the husband deserved it or fulfilled his role as a husband. It was not about having a good husband with wisdom, provision, affection, and wealth. Then Ren Nai repented before the Lord, acknowledging her pride, contempt, and disrespect toward her husband, especially in financial matters. Because her husband had been unable to work due to his illness and had accumulated gambling debts, the family's support depended solely on her.

Since then, she has begun to pay more attention to her husband's needs and emotions, not just fulfilling her role as a wife. Her husband noticed the change in her.

Every time there was a family group gathering, her husband would not allow her to participate. Although she obeyed him, she secretly desired to be part of the ministry, feeling restless lying on the couch.

Seeing her in this state, her husband asked, "Do you still want to attend the gatherings?" She replied, "I want to, but you don't let me." Her husband said, "Then I'll go with you."

From then on, her husband accompanied her to every family group gathering. Until one day, during a gathering, he suddenly shared, "Just attending couple gatherings is not enough. From now on, we should come to church every Sunday."

Ren Nai said, "Honestly, throughout this process, I never dared to slack off. I continually prayed for my husband, believing that God would open his eyes and heart, continually renew and change him, and make him love God more."

Now, her husband not only willingly attends church gatherings but has also become more diligent and willing to take on less prestigious jobs. He no longer opposes her ministry and faith.

"We are very happy now, and our children are fond of their father. He is loving and responsible," Ren joyfully exclaimed.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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