Christian Hymns Touches Me in My Faith Journey

Modern worship and praise.
Modern worship and praise.
By Bai ShiOctober 14th, 2021

In my memory, when I didn't receive the gospel, a sister took me to the Shenyang North City Church in Liaoning Province. I saw many elder people, and the church songs deeply touched me and attracted me. I remember it was the 205th hymn of The Chinese New Hymnal, "Pray Through", which brought me the resonance!

I was deeply caught by this song: "Don't stop praying for everything you need/Don't stop praying, the Lord will give it to you". Although I felt it was hard to believe, I was still full of hope.

The lyrics continue, "You are suffering, and the true God knows that/Don’t stop praying for the Lord to make arrangements". So, I would like to see how the true God would make arrangements for my life (I lost my work and had a difficult life then due to the family changes). The sister who took me there prayed for me every day. Thank God that He really arranged the best job for me, and my life settled down.

Be it silent or loud, your prayer and seeking will receive answers from the Lord. At that time, I was looking forward to having the opportunity to study theology, but I was just a layperson, nor did I serve in the church, so it was impossible for me to have the opportunity. But my heart was crying out to God earnestly: "I must study theology!" After three years of silent prayer, an unexpected opportunity suddenly came to me.

In September 1996, I came to the Bible class of Northeast Theological Seminary to study for one year, determined to be a preacher for God. After graduating in July 1997, I began to preach and serve God in the church. In March 2006, I was elected as an elder of the church. At that time, God gave me a song, the 342nd hymn of The Chinese New Hymnal - "Dedication to the Lord".

I paid special attention to sacred music ministry because I personally experienced and felt the function and power of praise. During the COVID-19 pandemic, my church also set up a worship and praise platform for the congregation. In praise, we get peace and joy, and healing and releasing, become sanctified and holy.

(The author is a special/freelance writer of Gospel Times and is also an elder in Liaoning.)

- Translated by Oliver Zuo

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