Christian Music Ministries Launches New Hymn "Smile"

Four singers from different overseas Chinese Chrisian music ministries made a MV of the hymn "Smile".
Four singers from different overseas Chinese Chrisian music ministries made a MV of the hymn "Smile". (photo: Screenshot)
By Christine Lau June 30th, 2021

Several overseas Chinese Christian music ministries launched a new hymn to encourage people to regain hope after many tragedies happened due to COVID-19. 

Inviting other similar ministries such as the Heavenly Melody Singers, Joshua Band, and Top Church, Stream of Praise Music Ministry, the first overseas Chinese music ministry founded in the United States in 1993,  joined with them to deliver the hymn "Smile" for prayers and blessings, aiming to comfort those who lost hope, and give them a reason to smile despite the virus.

Presented in cross-agency style, the song was expected to embolden people from all walks of life who had made contributions towards the pandemic.

"Because of love, we can smile as much as we want!", the official website of Stream of Praise said, "In the past year or so, people around the world have lost their jobs, families, and even hope and reasons to smile due to the pandemic… We hope to encourage people not to be afraid of the end of the night and to let go of disappointment and sadness. As long as we are together, we can experience the touch of mutual support in life, even if we can’t embrace each other. And we will find hope again after tears."

When this song was recorded, the pandemic was still heating up. They deeply hoped that this song would bless every medical staff in the front line and all industries, institutions, and families that were working hard for the pandemic, "We Cheer for you!"

The song’s music video reads, “I hope we can run and laugh in the warm sunshine again, enjoying every moment of life. We can continue to heartily smile because of the love in life”.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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