How Should Christians Write in This Era of We-Media?

By Yetta YaoMarch 23rd, 2017

The 18th-century French enlightenment thinker Denis Diderot pointed out in one of his works "Have no feelings the quality, any style are impossible to impress heart."

We live in the era of We-Media and writing. A large percentage of Christians today are engaged in writing.

What is the purpose of writing for Christians? What skills and methods should Christians acquire?

Brother Luo said in his recent post in a Christian WeChat account that there is an essential difference between the whole of our lives and the world the moment we choose to convert into Christ. Our everything, including writing, is governed by truth.

He declared that the essence of Christian writing lies in conveying truth, saving souls and sanctification. The ultimate goal of Christian writing represents the testimony of God's word, stressing the attributes of God, human beings, the reality of the fallen world and the way out through various genres and content. He also said that Christian writers face a bigger challenge and trial because the nature of writing is a battle that wrestles with the worldly values and themselves.

For this, he provides several suggestions on Christian writing: don't use the  "too busy" excuse;  draw up a writing plan for yourself; overcome utility and the sense of inferiority; regard your writing ability with sober judgment; read classic works; be aware that writing leads people to Christ; enter into the public domain rather than only staying in the Christian circle; and don't quarrel about words in public media space.

Luo also shares some basic writing skills: the first step is to make observation and meditation and then form a draft in your mind. The last step is to keep a record of what you accumulate.

Translated by Karen Luo

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