The Religious Charities and Social Development Forum Held in Nanjing

Representative from many charitable organizations and the religious community gather in the forum held in Nanjing
Representative from many charitable organizations and the religious community gather in the forum held in Nanjing (photo: CCD)
By Yi YangOctober 14th, 2016

The first forum on the religious charities and social development has been opened in Nanjing on the morning of Oct 12. Co-hosted by Nanjing Patriotic Catholic Association, Nanjing CCC&TSPM, Nanjing YMCA &YWCA and Nanjing Air Charity Foundation (ACF), the forum lasted for two days with over 50 religious charity organizations and about 100 local Christians and other people in attendance. 

It consists of theme speeches, theme reports and experience sharing. 

Gu Chuanyong, an official of Jiangsu Bureau of Religious Affairs gave a speech named "To create the brilliant tomorrow of religious charity". Qiu Zhonghui, the secretary of the Amity Foundation, talks about the mission and responsibility of the religious charity and Priest Zhang Shijiang, the president of Heibei Jinde Charities, addresses everyone with a speech named "The religious charity: carry forward the tradition, serve people and walk into society". Rev. Wei Tixiang, the chairman of the Chinese Christianity Cross-Strait Communication Association, introduced the development of the charity career in Taiwan. 

Discussions on the religious charity law and policy, its theory and practice, religious charity and social development as well as religious charity and social harmony have been held.

In the opening ceremony, Lu Xinping, the head of Nanjing Patriotic Catholic Association, claims that love from the heart is the essence of charity and charity is where the essence of religions is revealed and it is considered as the foundation of the existence of religions. Religions without charity finds no root and loses the land they rely on. Christianity has existed in the changeable society for thousands of years in the form of Jesus' love and rooted in charity.

He adds that the religious community has carried out deeds in caring for the disabled, providing educational assistance, aiding patients and disaster relief for a long time in order to spread and practice the philanthropy concept.

Jin Wei, the chairman of National Council of YWCAs of China, addresses her reflection on the religious charity. First of all, never forget the initial determination of one's charity mission. The religious charity cannot be replaced because the service philosophy comes from the faith representing a human's value, dignity and caring for people. 

Secondly, strengthen the platform. The forum has a positive and profound significance in strengthening the charity standard and cooperation for the religious community and shaping the positive social image and status of religions. 

Thirdly, move forward with hope. Integrate the ideals and mission of the Chinese religious community with the "Chinese dream".

In addition, the representatives from German Caritas Association, Fu Hong Society, YMCA of Japan, TBC Youth Enhancement and Service Centre, Nanjing ACF, Nanjing CCC and Nanjing YMCA, and others gave an introduction of their own charity ministry.

On Oct 13, delegates of the organizations including the Catholic Dioceses of Taiwan, Shanghai and Xi'an, Wuxi CCC, Social Services Centre of the Catholic Diocese of Tianjin, Anglican Church's Diocese of Singapore, Zhoukou CCC&TSPM of Henan, Zhenjiang Home of the Reed shared their experience on charity practice.

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