Religion is The Mother of Philanthropy, Being Rooted in the Soil of Faith is Important, Jiangsu Local Official Admits

 Cross-religious Philanthropy Experience Communication Meeting
Cross-religious Philanthropy Experience Communication Meeting (photo: GospelTimes)
By Yi YangFebruary 3rd, 2016

An Official from Zhenjiang says the development of philanthropy needs to be rooted deeply in the fertile soil of faith and morality.

Rev. Yi Suhua, the chairman of Zhenjiang CCC&TSPM claims this in the Jiangsu Cross-religious Philanthropy Experience Communication Meeting, held in Zhenjiang on January 28, 29.

Rev. Yi says since philanthropy is a universal career, we should participate in and support it by inspiring people's love and mobilizing the enthusiasm of the society. As the mother of philanthropy, religions can play an important role in promoting social service, moral cultivation, serving souls and humane education.

The meeting was presided by the Amity Foundation and organized by Home of the Reed, a civil Christian-based charitable organization, aiming at learning from each other and common understanding through communication among religions.

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