A Testimony of a Chinese Christian Domestic Violence Victim

(photo: pixabay)
By Phoebe Zheng May 13th, 2016

Talking about domestic violence is never easy for its victims. However, for Chinese Christian Wang Fang, she narrated her story and showed immense strength and courage.

According to her story, her husband was not abusive towards her when they were starting out and her husband even resigned from his job as a chef when their daughter was born. however, everything changed when her husband got into a motorcycle accident due to drunk driving and gotten a craniotomy on June 1, 2007. While the operation was successful, her husband's mind was muddled significantly and started beating her and scolded their children.

Since he was unaware of his current mental state, Wang would find herself smashed into stones and there was even a time she was almost blinded after being poked with chopsticks in the eyes. As the abuse kept on occuring, she questioned why it was happening to her because she didn't do anything that would warrant such treatment. She even believed she wouldn't be able to bear the abuse at all.

However, her outlook changed on November 2007 when she visited a three-self church when her husband was capable enough of taking care of himself. Around this period, she felt lonely and sad and she had no one to talk to about her dilemma. She wanted to speak to the pastor for guidance; however, he always had a crowd around him after each sermon and caused her to shy away from the opportunity.

After a few days, a sister named Wang Shufen approached her and Wang to join a small church established by Koreans in March or April 2008. For Wang, she wanted for a way out of her predicament and attended the sessions in the small church every Sundays. She believed that listening to the word of God would help her think constantly that everything will be ok as long as she listens and understands each word. Eventually, she was comforted by the pastor's wife and assisted her into thinking her options out of her predicament at home. The pastor's wife suggested not to divorce her husband because it would be against God's word as noted in the book of Genesis. On the other hand; however, her friends all suggested divorce.

Wang found herself completely confused with regards to why marriage cannot be broken and even felt that its better if she did not continue praying to the Lord. Eventually, she decided to stay for her children. Her stay lasted for two years and Wang moved to another church with Sister Wang.

Disaster yet again struck Wang's family as her husband now suffered from epilepsy and paralyzed him irregularly. As the days went on, everything became harder for Wang and her family and she found herself crying without receiving comfort. She also cried in the church and thought no one would comfort her until the new church head Brother He, approached her and gave her comfort.

Brother He taught her the Bible and taught her the nature of her sins and told her to submit to her husband. At first, she didn't want to admit her sins, but she slowly realized that she was starting to realize the essence of God's word and became very peaceful as she learnt through Brother He. She started praying for the recovery of her husband as well.

Her faith wavered when her husband's situation didn't improve. When she sought the advice of the ministry, a sister suggested "why not change the way you pray? Stop saying healing otherwise you will become numb. You can aslo God to grant you a strong heart that can wait for the healing to happen patiently."

This advice touched her and inspired her to change her ways. She didn't even notice that God has healed her husband and realized that her husband stopped calling her names for many days. In 2012, her husband was declared healed from epilepsy. She thanked God for treating her husband's sickness because epilepsy is not easily cured. Since then, she seeks God more reverently through her prayers.

She advised her fellow victims of domestic violence of not infuriating their spouses because sisters often use words to attack brothers and brothers would retaliate with violence. Verbal abuse can actually hurt more deeply than physical violence.

It touched her and she prayed in this way.

Even she didn't notice the day God healed her husband and found that he hadn't call her names for many days.

In 2012, her husband was healed from epilepsy.

She really thanked God for epilepsy is hardly cured all the world. Since then, she seeks God more earnestly and reverently with more prayers.

She advises the sisters who suffered from domestic violence that do not infuriate your spouses because sisters prefer to attack brothers with words and brothers will use violence if they fails to argue with sisters. Actually verbal abuse belongs to a kind of attack that may hurt your partner severely.

If one wishes to build a happy family filled with Christ's love, learn how to depend on God and submit to your husband. Consider and think about the problem first with repentants then leave the rest to God. 

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