Born Muslim, Converts to Christianity : God Changes My Family to Be People of God

Dai Zhixin
Dai Zhixin
By Hu JingyanDecember 3rd, 2015

Dai Zhixin, who was born in a devout Islamic family, a third-generation Muslim, said, "The greatest miracle in me is not the change in my religion but that me and my family will be people of God although we were all Muslims before. Like Abraham became the faith ancestor, I will also be one and my children will be offered to God. Descendants from me will be no longer Muslims but all Christians."

Dai followed his parents and grandparents to go to the mosque every week even if he knew little about his religion. He didn't know who Allah was and what role Allah played in his life and felt really empty. For him, the belief was just an accessory while growing up.

Although he lives with an Islamic family, his brother-in-law is a devout Christian. They both worked in the same company in Beijing. Dai's brother-in-law preached the Gospel to him during lunch break and after work, asking him, "Is your heart satisfied? Only the one true God can fulfill the emptiness of men." These words touched him and in 2009, Dai went to Fengtai Church with his brother-in-law for the first time.

In the church he felt a relaxation that he never had and tasted the warmth in the love of Christians. He began to go to church with his brother-in-law every week.

Having been involved in hearing sermons, learning the Bible, praying and sharing for a year, Dai couldn't help asking his brother-in-law, "Why are there an Allan in Islam and a God in Christianity? How come so many gods and religions? There is one god in a religion. Are these gods the same? "

The brother-in-law replied, "there is only one true God, who is Jehovah." Then he taught Dai the series information of the Bible and showed him Christian movies every week to make him know God more systematically and actually.

After a short time, Dai was transferred to Wangjing, a place more distant from the church. Busier with work, he stopped going to church and even went far off God without daily prayers.

After half a year, he happened to meet a Christian preacher named Lai at the bus station. Lai asked him if he was a Christian and he told her his belief. Lai passionately invited passionately to go to church on Sunday while Dai was rejected inside and wanted to take the bus. Right then a voice spoke to him, "Why don't you accept the invitation?" The sound, like a voice fallen from heaven, touched his heart. Shocked by this, he turned around to Lai and accepted her invitation.

Since he went to church that week, he had been leaning the Bible with the church pastor. He was baptized in the summer of 2015. "God is guiding me through the entireprocess. If I got on the bus that day, I definitely wouldn't have gone to church. But God used Lai to bring me back home. I believe God has been waiting me for so many years, choosing me through many ways, like a father being on his tiptoes of expectation at the door when the lost son went back home."

After becoming a Christian, his life has had earth-shaking changes. He shows more tolerance and endurance to his wife and family. "Now it's different. I will bring the difficulty to God and pray. I felt relaxed after praying and I gain strength and confidence to face these difficulties." Dai said.

Dai goes to church every week, gives regular donations and shares his grace and sermons with his wife at home. Now his wife prays continuously in the morning and evening with Dai daily.

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