Stream of Praise Concludes Worship Revival Summits in Hong Kong

Members from Stream of Praise Music Ministries sang a hymn during a worship revival summit themed
Members from Stream of Praise Music Ministries sang a hymn during a worship revival summit themed (photo: Stream of Praise Music)
By Zhi EnhuiAugust 9th, 2023

Stream of Praise (SOP) Music Ministries concluded the worship revival summit, themed "Revival," in Hong Kong.

On August 6th, approximately 1800 attendees participated in the event held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. The majority of participants were members of worship teams representing diverse locales.

SOP conveyed their aspiration that this summit would facilitate the experience of restoration, healing, mutual acceptance, and mediation among worship teams. Their objective was to foster profound worship, collectively emanating a distinctive worship resonance and a spiritually empowered proclamation on the global stage.

Throughout the summit, SOP delivered praise songs, including "If My God Is with Me," and engaged in interactive segments.

The theme for the 2023 Stream of Praise Asian Tour was "Blessing and Revival." It encompassed two evangelical outreach concerts, intensive training sessions for vocalists and of music theory, youth worship revival summits, women's conferences, and children's creative worship conferences. Preceding this event and other summits in Hong Kong, worship revival summits were conducted in Singapore, Taipei, and Kaohsiung.

Four speakers offered inspiration to worship teams through detailed insights and spiritual perspectives. The speakers were Reverend Sandy C. Yu, Pastor Andy Chen, Reverend Tiffany M. Cheng, and Betty Lin.

Pastor Andy Chen delivered a discourse titled "Heart and Honesty."

Rev. Tiffany M. Cheng and Betty Lin expounded on the secrets to training a band.

Lin underscored the necessity for individuals to familiarize themselves with the songs, particularly those assigned to operate PowerPoint. Additionally, a comprehensive understanding of chords and musical instruments was deemed imperative. Lin recommended that team members collaboratively analyze songs and comprehend their respective responsibilities and roles within the context of the instruments they played. Furthermore, live demonstrations were conducted to showcase the harmonization of diverse musical instruments.

Tiffany emphasized the imperative for worship team members to embody a spiritual army. She elucidated the harmonization of different vocal ranges and emphasized that the utmost potency in worship emanated not from uniformity in singing, but rather from the harmonization of hearts in prayer.

Concluding the series, Sandy delivered a sermon titled "Anointing and Restoring Worship." Reflecting upon her own gift of songwriting, she aspired to be fortified as an anointed individual through her unique gift. Furthermore, she underscored the significance of worshipers who not only comprehend the Father's heart but also transcend their personal perspectives and pray for collective needs.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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