Friday, May 24th, 2024
Article by:Nonye Nancy

My Experience as a Foreign Student in the Church in China

The Bible talks about oneness of the body of Christ, regardless of race, ethnicity or colour. In the church in China, I got reminded of the fact that it was one God, with different forms of worship. My stay in China could not have been anything short of the grace of God and I have the church to thank for that.

40 Christian Faith Stories (Part 3)

While the first and second parts contain the stories of Christians who encountered God in their hard times, this part shares amazing stories of people who believed in the Lord as a result of love and family influence. It also discusses believers who strayed from the faith and found their way back to the Lord.

Ten Historic Christian Buildings in Wuhan (Part II)

The ten Christian buildings and historical relics in Wuhan include real cultural relics, which no longer belong to any church, nor are meetings or other religious activities being held there, while some are still being used by Christian churches or Christian organizations and medical charities.
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