Thursday, May 23rd, 2024
Article by:CCD contributor: Mu Feng

Reflection upon Christian Faith Based on Comparison between Rural Churches’ Past and Present

If you want to know the past situation of rural churches, you need to ask rural elderly believers and preachers to get a general understanding from them, and you can also listen to their stories about changes to the church. The reason why rural churches are in their current situation lies in how people have changed. Is the environment changing too fast? Are we getting increasingly sophisticated?

Elderly Pastor Shares Story about Rural Church in the 1990s

While serving the church, I have learned much from working with some elderly co-workers, especially from aged pastors who have served in the church for nearly 40-50 years. I listened to their touching testimonies of countless times of grace in times of trouble and the miracles that helped them overcome difficulties.

Grassroots Rural Pastor: Changes in Contemporary Rural Churches

The name “rural church” is given because of its special location. When we hear about the rural church, we always have some subjective views and think that it has a poor environment, a small number of people, insufficient equipment, and the scarcity of preachers. However, with the diversified development of the times in recent years, rural churches have improved and changed in terms of number, quality, meeting mode, ministry and external environmental conditions. Now, we take this chance to carefully analyze the changes of rural churches from the past to the present.

Crisis Faced by Younger Generations of Chinese Christian Families

Many parents of the second generation in China are believers, co-workers, and pastors of a church so the faithful parents will lead their children to become the second generation of believers in the family. Of course, it is easy to bear the title of Faithful the Second, but the second generation may face many challenges in inheriting the Faith.
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