Global Transformutual Leadership Summit Seeks the Legacy, Renewal, Breakthrough of Leadership

Elder Chen Yu of Changtu Church in Tieling City, Liaoning Province, consecrated the bread after a baptism service on August 6th, 2023.
Elder Chen Yu of Changtu Church in Tieling City, Liaoning Province, consecrated the bread after a baptism service on August 6th, 2023.
By Sophia LiuSeptember 14th, 2023

From August 15th to 19th, the Global Transformutual Leadership Summit took place online with the theme "Transformutual Leaders: Breakthrough" for Chinese churches at large. 

With support from Taylor University in the United States and the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast, the US Chinese Leadership Center, the Global Servant Leadership Revival Platform, and the China Oneness International Council jointly organized this summit.

The summit invited leadership experts from various sectors, including business, faith, education, and public service, to share stories of how leadership can be demonstrated in both society and the realm of faith. Among the invited guests are Dr. Michael Yu, Chairman of Agape Friendship Foundation and Associate of the National Prayer Breakfast, USA; Dr. Joseph Liu from the US Chinese Leadership Center and authorized mentor of John Maxwell Global Leadership; Dr. Robert Huff, former Deputy Mayor of Israel and Project Director of Israel Technology Silicon Valley; Dr. Michael Lindsay, President of Taylor University in Indiana, Ph.D. from Princeton University, and bestselling author on leadership. Additionally, there were numerous workshop leaders, corporate executives ranking among the top 60 in the global workplace, and seasoned leadership coaches.

This five-day leadership summit consisted of two lectures each morning in Central US time, along with future leadership course resources.

During the opening ceremony on the first day, Dr. Joseph Liu from the US Chinese Leadership Center, the host organization of the Summit, stated, "One can become successful with accomplishments in any industry or profession. Every profession needs leaders. God created us to reside in the world. God is a leader in excellence. We are to live out the leader's image of God to create an impact on the world. This is the purpose of the Transformutual Leadership Summit. The Summit is a testimony and an example of the close relationship between faith and the world. It helps people see that we can bring faith into the community, and many people in the community are hungry for faith. Today, when we proclaim the content of faith to the community, we lead with love and influence in accordance with God’s will."

One of the breakthroughs sought at the conference was the invitation of several business leaders from the Arab world to share their insights, such as Salim Humaid Saif Almzani from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. As a representative of the organizers, Dr. Joseph Liu noted, "He represents executives from the Middle East and is a guest of a different faith and culture. We are thankful to God that our vision has made a breakthrough via the Summit. Let’s share our faith with people of different cultures from around the world, including friends in the Arab world. True light and truth are in our lives, and they cannot be overshadowed by darkness."

As the opening guest, Salim Humaid Saif Almzani delivered a speech, emphasizing the significance of unity in this summit. He expressed their willingness to build friendships with Chinese and contribute to the world. "Many disasters are happening in the world today. An urgent task is to save the earth and create a peaceful place for future generations. Building a home for us to live in is our mission."

After the opening ceremony, there were sessions on the theme of the first day: breakthrough and Innovation in Leadership. Dr. Michael Yu, Chairman of the Agape Friendship Foundation and Associate of the National Prayer Breakfast, USA, discussed "The Legacy of Leadership" in his keynote address. He elaborated on how leadership is passed down across generations and how it brings influence and transformation to various sectors of society.

He began by emphasizing that the key aspects of leadership legacy are spiritual legacy and life transformation. In the Old Testament, spiritual legacy can be found in the priesthood, kingship, and prophets. Aaron and his descendants, for instance, implemented legacy transmission in the priesthood. The name Levi, which means "united," stands for the priesthood's legacy of serving and bringing people together through sacrifice. In kingship, David and Solomon are good examples of legacy transmission, passing down wisdom, governance, and submission to God's authority. For prophets, the legacy transmission was evident in the relationship between Elijah and Elisha, characterized by the anointing and the power of the Holy Spirit.

In the New Testament, the legacy is the gospel. Paul and Timothy are exemplary in passing down the legacy through their spiritual partnership and their spiritual father-son relationship.

Dr. Yu stated, "These four types of spiritual legacy are roles we all have. When we believe in Jesus and become children of God, we are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, and God’s special possession. Therefore, we may declare the praises of him who called us out of darkness into his wonderful light."

The second legacy is the transformation of life—living a new life. Dr. Yu witnessed how his father's life transformation led his family into a new way of living.

His father used to be a businessman and often spent time partying and drinking. He had a quick temper and played mahjong. He sometimes played mahjong with friends in his place for three days and three nights without eating or drinking. "By chance, my father walked into a church, and the Holy Spirit opened his heart. On that special day, my father took my oldest brother to the night market, where a church was having an evangelical activity. Gongs and drums were played in front of the church to gain people’s attention. People were welcomed to the church and encouraged to believe in Jesus. My oldest brother, being a child, stepped into the church out of curiosity. My father followed to try to drag him out, but the usher seated them in the front row. My father, feeling embarrassed to walk away, sat down and listened to the sermon. The Holy Spirit opened his heart, and he believed in Jesus that very night. My father had the seal of the Holy Spirit. My mother, who was originally a Buddhist, witnessed my father's life transformation and was astonished, saying, 'I couldn't change my husband, but Jesus did. Jesus is amazing, and I want to believe in Jesus too.'"

"Since my parents believed in Jesus, they became devoted to church activities, worship, and serving in the church. The church pastor invited my father to edit church publications because of his outstanding writing skills. He served in this ministry with great dedication. Later, the pastor encouraged my father to dedicate this great gift to God. This conversation had a deep impact on my father. He decided to end all his business ventures and to study in a seminary to receive training along with my mother."

Dr. Yu is the fourth child, born while his mother was studying in the seminary. His parents named him Cunren because of Confucius’ saying, "Love for all is 'Ren' (benevolence)." That is exactly the agape love that God has for mankind. His parents chose to go to seminary for equipping in the hope of extending this love not only through their own lives but also through their descendants.

Today, Dr. Yu values his role as an ambassador of God’s kingdom the most. He said, “My father’s new life after knowing Jesus brought about changes to the destiny of their family. We can live the new life that God has given us—a spiritual one. If my father had stayed in business and hadn't come to faith, he would have kept his bad temper and played mahjong more often than not. We might have grown up smoking and drinking.”

Dr. Yu went on to say that he sees God's anointing in his sharing of messages, writing, and music. The good character of building relationships, serving, integrity, and trustworthiness that he reflects in his life are gifts from God and a legacy from his father.

- Translated by June I. Chen

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