New Hymn 'Be Guest at Feast of Lamb' Alarms for Vigilance

A picture shows a man walking up the stairs to heaven with a crutch.
A picture shows a man walking up the stairs to heaven with a crutch. (photo:
By Esther TianFebruary 10th, 2023

A male believer from Northeast China woke up in a dream and wrote the hymn "Be Guest at the Feast of the Lamb" to remind everyone to cherish time and preach the gospel to their families.

On February 6th, the 16th day of the first lunar month, Brother Tian, who is in his 60s, woke up crying from his dream at four o'clock in the morning. After that, he wrote down the contents of his dream to share with others.

Brother Tian told his family that in his dream, he went fishing with some friends and had an accident on the way. His body lost consciousness, but his soul was still awake. As time ran out, he asked for help getting a mobile phone to preach the gospel to his family, but no one gave a hand except his best friend, Brother Zhang. But no matter how he tried, he could not get to his family. In desperation, Brother Tian ran to kneel down before Jesus, crying and praying to the Lord and unconsciously singing the hymn "Be a Guest at the Feast of the Lamb." The lyrics described the happiness in Jesus' place, the unbearableness of being burned in the fire and bitten by insects in hell, and the hope to spread the gospel and let the whole family go to the lamb's feast.

Brother Tian, a native of Jilin, has followed the Lord with his wife, Sister Lin, for more than 20 years. During this period, Sister Lin was seriously ill and got healed by the Lord. Brother Tian also experienced the power of the Lord. He lived as a bricklayer to support his family in a small city. After work, the couple often goes back to their hometown to preach the gospel to their relatives and friends, and many have believed in the Lord. They also invite brothers and sisters for sharing and fellowship at home. The in-laws of their two daughters also began to believe in the Lord.

Shortly after they became believers, Brother Tian and Sister Lin joined the choir and served for many years. During the service, Sister Lin learned piano accompaniment. After quitting the chorus, they often play the piano and sing hymns to praise the Lord at home during their spare time.

- Translated by Oliver Zuo

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