G.E.M. Talks About New Album 'Revelation': 'All Things Are Possible for One Who Believes'

A picture shows a Christian singer G.E.M on a mountain.
A picture shows a Christian singer G.E.M on a mountain. (photo: pixabay.com)
By Esther TianOctober 5th, 2022

China's 'Taylor Swift' G.E.M., a Christian pop singer, songwriter, and music producer in Hong Kong, China, released the last song of her new album "Revelation".

“THE SKY”, the last song of G.E.M. ’s album “Revelation”, was officially launched on September 23. So far, 14 new songs and 14 MVs in that album have all been released. G.E.M. posted her longest post ever on Weibo to commemorate the creation, production, and release of “Revelation”.

“Revelation” marks the first time that G.E.M. has released her work in the form of a musical series. Using wasteland, paradise, and real world as the story background, seven letters to Heaven and seven letters from Heaven tell the stories of two protagonists Gloria and Qiu (both acted by G.E.M.) possessing, losing, finding, gaining, and being reborn in the real and metaverse world.

The Christian celebrity admitted that the creating process was not easy. After she completed the lyrics and songs of the whole album alone, she also started scriptwriting for the first time in her life and strung the MVs of 14 new songs into a complete music series. It was a great challenge for G.E.M. “In order to take everyone on a more complete journey of revelation”, G.E.M. “spent countless nights sitting at her desk, thinking and laughing”. In the process, she experienced laughter, tears, loneliness, and countless overnight stays with her team.

She felt that she could not complete this huge “ark” several times. In addition, she encountered recurrent epidemics and various difficulties such as suspension, quarantine, replace of actors, and story remaking during the process. All of these led to the increasing cost of shooting and production. The time to complete the album has also been delayed.

“All kinds of huge waves in reality hit me again and again. How many times during the filming process did I really feel like Gloria in the story. Despair, sadness, heartache, helplessness, and regret intersected in my heart...” G.E.M. experienced the story itself again in the creation process. However, encouragement and comfort came to her ears again: “Gloria, there is no fear in love.” And this is the theme she wants to express.

Although “REVELATION” was officially released on September 23 for various reasons, it reminded G.E.M. of her favorite golden sentence “If you can! All things are possible for one who believes.” (Mark 9:23)

G.E.M. also says that love is the theme of this album. She thanked people for getting much enlightenment of love in her life and experiencing more love constantly during the production of the album.

G.E.M. says that as the “author”, she was very attentive and every word in her album was her careful design. She believes that the Creator hides His mind everywhere when creating the world. She hopes that through this album, people in the era of fast food can slow down and think about themselves and their life.

- Translated by Stephen Huang

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