Christian Musician Shu Fang Releases Latest MV

A poster of a hymn named "About What I Think" by Frank Shu who played the Chinese zither besides the sea
A poster of a hymn named "About What I Think" by Frank Shu who played the Chinese zither besides the sea (photo: Glory Music Entertainment Ministry)
By Christine Lau December 6th, 2021

Christian musician Shu Fang officially released the music video of his latest song "Only You Can Understand Me" on November 21.

Written and sung by Shu Fang (Frank S.) himself, this song was completed in four and a half years and produced by Glory Media Entertainment Ministry, co-founded by Shu. The MV was directed by Xu Bide and was filmed in Qingdao. 

Frank started working on it in 2017 and finished the last recording and the final version at the end of 2020 after countless deliberations, repeated revisions, recordings, and adjustments to details. Then it took a whole year to shoot and produce the MV.

In an interview before the publication of the song, Shu talked about the source of inspiration for it. He said,  “Whenever the midsummer is over and it cools off entering the autumn, the geese in the skyline up to fly south. Their quacking makes my heart feel desolate. I look at the fallen leaves which are just like the twilight of life. Whom can you go to when growing old and alone? People will lose their youth and glory days in the past. Isn’t it the same as the fallen leaves slowly withering their own life in the autumn wind?"

He continued, "Although our organs and the whole body are gradually ageing and weakening, there should be a strength in our hearts. If we have this strength, we will be blessed forever! This is the key message I want to deliver in this piece."

After experiencing the ups and downs of life, he stated, "The key to knowing the decrees of Heaven at the age of fifty is to ‘know of Heaven’. After going through the hardships of life, having tasted the sweetness and bitterness, experiencing all kinds of joys and sorrows, I then understood that life is fragile, and recognized ‘Man proposes, God disposes’. Only God can control tomorrow and can dominate everyone's life. It doesn’t matter if you fail or succeed. As long as you are aware of this truth, you will be able to trust God with everything and look up to Him. You will no longer feel inner chaos, be trapped in relationships, be afraid of the future, or keep thinking of the past. You must forget what’s behind, strain forward to what lies ahead, and strive straight to the target!"

- Translated by Shuya Wang

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